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  1. That worked! I also found that by deactivating HIPS features i could get it to work. Assume this is just a broad brush way of unchecking web shield. Does this mean that the "web sites" subset of the main menu is the area I should be looking at? The only thing shown as blocked is cr-tools.clients.google.com I unblocked it but it did not allow streaming?? Appreciate your comments
  2. Yes i have scottrade marked as trusted, that's why i think is is something specific to the streaming quotes. the quote page opens up but just gives me a snapshot, it does not update as things change, ie non streaming quotes
  3. I recently installed online armor free, using XP home edition ver 5.1 SP3 I cannot get streaming quotes from scottrade since installing. If I disable Online Armor, then fire up streaming quotes, they work ok. i can then fire up online armor and all is well. The streaming quotes uses a JAVA 6 web start launcher with a downloaded jnlp file. The quotes page opens but nothing streams Any ideas what settings i need to change to enable these quotes to stream? Thanks Ian