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  1. Hi Lynx- Thanks for your input. How can I tell what is running continually? Task manager doesn't indicate that they are, but is that accurate? I do know that AVG's Resident Shield is always active and your comments on Adaware and Super Anti Spyware make sense. Is it reasonable to have all of these three as protection? Thanks
  2. Thanks- I,ve merged that with the registry. The issue that I am having is sluggish performance. Also, occasionally my computer freezes with whatever I am using displaying "x not responding".After about 5 minutes or so, it becomes operational again. I wonder if it is just a matter of not having enough ram (512mb).
  3. Ive installed Java as directed. Here is the Hijackfree log. Thanks again-
  4. Hi, Hopefully I've attached these logs correctly. Thank you in advance for your help. When I ran A squared, it informed me that two trojans could not be removed. I removed all others prior to reading this forum. These trojans are both [3512}c:\windows\system32\olepro.dll: Hopefully, I've done this correctly, I am not very proficient with computers. Here are the logs: