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  1. I should also mention hat it did not hang, even though at times it looked like it, but it turned out it was running sloooooow
  2. OS; XP Prof Service Pack; #3 platform (x86 or x64); I am not on my system right now but I think it is a Pent 4 or better since it is about 3 years old. other security Software especially those with real-time Guards and other background processes running; MS Essentials, I use Malwarebytes, AdAware, Spybot Firewall (FW) I had Online Armor but took it off to see what would happen, no change (some may include HIPS module & alike); etc.
  3. I have downloaded a-squared free onto 2 machines, one had no problems running a scan, the other had only completed 50% of scan after 4 hours. Is this a disk issue or a virus/malware issue. Only 9 items were found early on and those were cookies. 2 medium level 7 low level
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