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  1. My undying gratitude! All updates finally successful, you are an amazing resource. I believe all issues have currently been resolved. Thank you!
  2. Thank you for the guidance. Attempted with the following error message: KB2160841 does not apply, or is blocked by another condition on your computer.
  3. thank you for your time and your assistance. I have been able to complete all updates except for ONE which is supposed to be a Microsoft important update. I have looked for a solution on their website as well as did an internet search and was not able to find a solution. I do not know if you are able to help me with this. In the off chance that you are I am including the name of the update as well as the error code and message in the attached file. If you are unable to assist, I understand. Your help has been quick, easy to follow and appears successful! Thank you for providing this amazi
  4. Completed steps as instructed. System appears to be running fine and stable. Attached new log as requested.
  5. While doing research for work I did a search for hospice bone pain and went to a site listed: hospice_bone_pain.com where after clicking on the website link I then started experiencing pop up boxes with some message (sorry I don't remember the message now) but instead of using alt+F4 to close these boxes I clicked...and now here I am. I am now running windows vista sp2, had avg free 2011, Spyware blaster, and Ad-Aware (which is now not working so I uninstalled) (new additions now running include: Emsisoft AM, Malwarebytes, IObit Security 360, Threatfire, and windows firewall. trojan horse ge
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