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  1. It's WORKS!! thank you very much!! Now I've installed online armor version with beta updates No more problem, thanks!! If you need, i can do other test! thank you
  2. Thank both of you I have cleared the files, and then i restart online armor, but it's not working, there is still the problem Now, in online armor folder there aren't oacached.dat and oacached.dat.bak files, is it correct? thank you, Kind regards
  3. Thank you for your help!! here attached you can find the log folder compressed. I hope there are no information "too private" thank you very much!!
  4. Hi! I have a problem with this file. I have installed Mixesoft Click&Clean Plug-In for Chrome (chrome version 18.0 - click&clean version 7.9). i have enabled this program as trusted, but anytime that i launch the browser, online armor (version ask me if i want to block this process (i have also set this process as trusted). anyone can help me? sorry for my english! thank you!!
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