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  1. Hello! :) CyberGhost 5 works without problems with Online Armor . During installation CyberGhost put Online Armor  in training mode , Allow the installation of TAP-Win Adapter V9(trusting the publisher). After the end of the installation CyberGhost run it, and then disable training mode in Online Armor . CyberGhost will require installation of certificates-install them.All components CyberGhost (openvpn.exe,openssl.exe,tap-windows_64.exe,CyberGhost.exe) should be marked as trusted and allowed in Online Armor.

  2. In March-August 2013, the video channel COMSS.TV (http://www.comss.ru/page.php?id=1554)was conducted by global testing 57 anti-virus solutions. Used real system Windows 7 64-bit. In testing participated antivirus solutions compatible with Windows 7 x64, from the category - free antivirus software, integrated anti-virus, anti-virus and enterprise products. All results have been incorporated into 4 main categories: anti-Virus protection, Synthetic tests, Protection when running malware and phishing protection.

  3. Hello,berryracer! Kaspersky AntiVirus is absolutely incompatible with Outpost ,and potentially incompatible with OA (may request removal of OA during installation ,if Kaspersky Anti-Virus is installed after the OA ). In your case the conflict in the joint work should not be , under the condition of mutual exclusion programs , and as you recommended . Kaspersky AntiVirus unlike OA does not have a full-fledged module HIPS , it is only a function of the " activity monitoring" . However,I would recommend you to try OA Premium instead of OA Free ,to more fully check on your system version joint work with Kaspersky AntiVirus. On my test system they worked well. Good luck!

  4. Turning on Online Armor's "Filter Invalid MAC Address (According to IEEE OUI Listing)" under ADVANCED mode> Options > Firewall makes Cyberghost unable to connect to there VPN network. Don't know if this is a problem with me in particular or something that just is and would like to know.

    Hi)is true,on Windows7 /64 when enabled "Filter Invalid MAC Address (According to IEEE OUI Listing)" Cyberghost does not work.I recommend to disable "Filter Invalid MACaddress" :)
  5. Hello,

    I was wondering if it is ok to run emsisoft anti-malware alongside comodo internet security?

    will they get along? any cons to doing so?

    Hi!Emsisoft Anti-Malware is compatible with most anti-virus solutions,including products of Comodo. In the joint use of these products significant conflicts should arise. There might be slight slowing down of your system because of the fact that both the product is pretty powerful. You should make both of these products to the exclusion of the other,that is to their mutual control.
  6. Hi all ! :) I have repeatedly faced with the problem described above . I want to say the following:Windows Action Center "sees" ЕАМ ,when the latter is installed individually . Disabling Windows Defender does not affect this . But when the ЕАМ is added OA - indeed ,the Windows Action Center does not recognize ЕАМ . And in this there is nothing dangerous and problematic . I just disabled the service alerts to Windows Action Center (receiving of messages about the installed anti-virus and anti-spyware programs ) - that and you are advised to make. For security it does not affect . Good Luck!

  7. Hi!There are problems with fixing the rules of web addresses in the version of the Emsisoft Anti-Malware After installing the program does not remember the blocked and allowed addresses, moreover,it is impossible to manually enter the address. Reboot the system does not work,reinstall the program, too. I had to download and install a version of the Emsisoft Anti-Malware,through the setup file of the rules of web addresses were work. I want to draw Your attention that the program is installed on a clean system,after you reinstall Windows So away went the file protection,but after the reboot it the work was restored.

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