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  1. after re-executing Emsisoft hung up, I had conducted the restart of computer, the module of updating of Emsisoft hung up, I overloaded a computer again...all was restored and works normally.
  2. hello!the same problem was today and for me...strange!after re-executing Emsisoft gave out to me a process setting-license-verification.
  3. Привет)но ведь сначала обещали в марте
  4. did you try in detail to clean a register through the program REGEDIT, to delete all beaten keys from the remote programs?well clean a register by hand, then ОА will become even.
  5. Hello! for me too Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows 7 64 bit and too there was such problem .she is unconnected with other will simply delete OA and carefully will clean in regedit bits and pieces of his keys, and then will set and all will normally work.
  6. Hello from Ukraine! When, when, when already will there be 5.0?!! it is very desirable well!