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  1. Ik vond altijd die netwerkactiviteis-ballonen rechtsonder in de systemtray overzichtelijk. Bij elke netwerkactiviteit kreeg ik te zien wie netwertoegang kreeg. Echter zie ik die niet meer terug en kan zo niet zien bij de instellingen hoe ik die meldingen weer terug krijg. Weet iemand hier iets op? Grt, Blefbek
  2. Windows 7 X64, Amd Phenom 955BE, Asus M4A89TD Pro, Ocz ssd 30Gb x2 Raid 0,

  3. Mamutu won't boot

    Thx for the reply Lynx, I have updated my system_sigature and read your suggestions . But that gave me not the solution. For now I can tell you that it looks like the issue is solved. An weird tmp_file was blocked as an startup_file in online-armor..I gave the file bootrights and the program loaded automatically at booting up my machine..
  4. Mamutu won't boot

    Hy there, I'm an new enthusiast user of Mamutu. I use the program for about one half year and i don't had issues with this great piece of software. But now i do have an question: The program do not start up when i boot up my computer.(Windows 7 X64) The service already in progress but the GUI lights not up in the system tray. For many times i did send an dump to the peoaple of emisoft, but there's no response.. What can i do and is this promblem an general thing? Fishsmell