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  1. I did search this forum with no relative results - I hadn't realized there was an 'old forum' - OK, this link will tie it together for the next guy... Good read by the way! Very on-topic - thanks! But, I do take issue with a couple of arguments being presented... bear with me: Looking up Emsisoft's definition for keylogger (http://www.emsisoft.com/en/kb/articles/tec080424/): Keyloggers are small programs invisibly installed on a computer that record all keyboard input. An attacker can use this to (e.g.) record passwords.... The real-world definition is not limited to 'invisibly' ( htt
  2. This site: http://www.zemana.com/keylogger_test.aspx provides a Keylogger Simulation Test for the purpose of testing a system's protection level against Keyloggers. (ok, really, it's to encourage you to buy their anti-keylogger program!) Running A-Squared Anti-Malware 30day trial, all functions active, the Keylogger Simulation does demonstrate the capture of my keystrokes, but A-Squared has raised no alarms. Is A-Squared (and Mamutu) watching applications that may be keyloggers? I really thought I'd seen it raise the issue before on certain of my macro recording tools... Either way, I
  3. Sleep! Ha! It's overrated, you know... (I did catch about a 3hr nap, but had work to do...). OK, I updated a-squared Free on both systems & ran a deep scan - neither detected the questionable registry entries. I then re-ran the MalAware (it updated) & have the same sypmtoms as before. Here are logs: One thing I did notice... a-squared Free log file shows Heuristics scanning is "Off". I didn't remember an option for that, but poking around, I find it under 'Custom Scan'... is it only available if I setup a custom scan? I can't see MalAware having time to do much in the way of
  4. It is quite late here, & I didn't remember how your software handled such things - I just wanted to be sure we could reproduce whatever occured. Since you don't an 'auto quarantine', no problem. I'll run the deep scan & see what happens. Two final points: (1) you are welcome to change the spelling error on the thread title (if allowed), and (2) please forgive me if I came across too harsh. It was simply my initial response to what felt like a manipulation. I've been in this stuff since way before most of the world knew there was an internet, and I guess that little screen just re
  5. OK, I re-downloaded & re-ran MalAware. Identical symptoms. I've checked several things that I'd normally think of (other apps running, etc) & compared a little between the two systems, but find nothing useful. I could export my entire registry if you can handle it... it's about 3.8meg compressed (@92meg expanded). These keys are, of course, crosslinked throughout to other areas of the registry, so perhaps it's detecting the signature at other locations - perhaps this is just the 'main reference point' that it all ties back to? It's just a thought... I have no idea how the program
  6. Thanks guys, for the quick response. Fabian, I've sent a rar w/the 1st two keys of each positive. We're on different time zones & I'm about to shut down (3:30am), so I'll run a deep scan & forward the report when I get up. Also, I have two systems, with identical symptoms, down to identical keys being flagged. I will only run the deep scan on one to ensure I don't wipe out all evidence. I've updated the signature & have turned off everything under Configuration/Permissions except the 1st two 'start' checks, and have done this for each user in the drop-box, in hopes of preventi
  7. I was on your site to purchase the a-squared Anti-Malware, when I ran across your new free offereing "MalAware". I thought 'what a cool USB sized tool' and decided to run a test... I updated a-squared Free & ran a Quick Scan - clean (ok, a cookie... log attached) (I also later ran a Smart Scan to confirm, with same results). I then downloaded & ran MalAware (log attached)... it found two infections (13 objects): Spybouncer & Crime Catcher 3.2 (both HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\...\InprocServer32TrheadingModel) OK, so before I go further... a-squared Free does fully scan the
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