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  1. Thank you for the replies! I finally got AC working yesterday with!- I activated Monitor Spyware... In AC (in prep for unnecessary EAM uninstall...)- The red X, and All the warnings went Away, even though Surf Guard was disabled (go figure?). My system started running faster too...! BTW!- So far, This mornings auto version upgrade to is running Good! ~~~~~ Re Fabians: It's not necessary to disable all protections before uninstalling. the Emsisoft Clean utility should never be used as a replacement for the shipped uninstaller. Unlike the shipped uninstaller it will leave certain traces behind like for example Start menu entries and Desktop short cuts. Only use it unless one of our support employees specifically tells you to use it. -I'm glad I waited for your reply Before I mistakenly ran "the Emsisoft Clean utility" to uninstall EAM (unlike Norton...)! ~~~~~~~~~ Re Emsisoft Employee : Also note that if a reinstall doesn't resolve the issue, that the Microsoft FixIt at this link might resolve the issue.- I decided Not to run Fixit it as- 1. I was on FF (default), and probably should have been on IE (default). 2. If it ain't broke don't fix it! I bookmarked it though... G'day Scott
  2. My Win 7 Action Center has become corrupted (says turn on EAM..., and GUI says it's On?)? Shows Red X, often won't go away until after several reboots, and then comes back any time I open the EAM GUI (Even if I make No changes)? I have Surf Guard disabled, and pre-stopped Spyware msgs... in AC. I Googled, and MS recommends an AV reinstall to correct a corrupted AC problem. The last time I did an EAM install- I disabled SG on install (I already had Spyware msgs Disabled in AC, many reboots), and feel this may have corrupted EAM or AC...? "To do a failed thing the same way, and expect different results is insanity". It would appear that EAM may be corrupted, and I want to do a Clean uninstall/reinstall! I'll try it differently next time...?- Clean Uninstall?- Q?- Should I open the EAM GUI, and disable All protection before using Add/Remove /Reboot to uninstall (recommended by other AV's I've had), or should I run the EAM clean tool http://tmp.emsisoft....w/emsiclean.exe instead of Add/Remove /reboot...? ~~~~~~~~~~~~ On reinstall- Q1?- Is it best to import settings Before or After the First reboot? Q2?-Wait how long after install, to reboot? Scott
  3. I find the Whitelist Very confusing to use, and I also would like to see Detailed Instructions in Help...!- i.e.- I Searched this forum for a long time, before I finally figured out how to get the Explorer Search by clicking in the empty "Item" box. Then figured out what the checks do in this Topic... Whitelist is Not user friendly!
  4. Also Try downloading directly to a desktop folder, as I've had some flash drive issues......
  5. EAM5 (Emsisoft Anti-Malware) has done some major updates, and may have solved the problem? I never did have the lockup problem, but my slowdown problem is a "little" better on my laptop. I uninstalled EAM on my desktop, and have "upgraded" to Avira Antivir Premium- It's blazing fast, and most all of my applications are faster! I also upgraded to free MyDefrag 4.3.1 (compatible with all late Win versions), and got a 20% performance increase on most (NOTE!- You MUST Disable Windows Defrag in Services..., for most ANY 3d party defrag!)! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As for guarantees that your lockup won't occur?- There are no guarantees in life! So what if you may have to hard shutdown, and do some uninstalls... It's not like you are losing data, or having to reformat! Did you run excellent free CCleaner (after a fresh restart!), and cleanup old files/registry (2 restarts)? Following this, a chkdsk/repair...(2 restarts) wouldn't be a bad idea!? Then a defrag (2 restarts), Before installs!
  6. I never did have a lockup/freeze problem, and this beta update did NOT solve my performance/ slow opening IE8/FF3.6 issue ( I was hoping it would?). If an sbie/EAM user wants to install this EAM beta?- Security Status, Configuration, Update. Tick "Install Beta Updates". Reboot, and EAM will auto-install the 2.7mb beta update on startup.
  7. I already did #2 OK (no better), but I am confused about #1?- Surely they don't want me to delete ".exe" from being scanned?!- Wouldn't that would mean that EAM would stop scanning "ALL" .exe's? That doesn't sound safe!? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FYI- Another thing I noticed about IE8/FF- The First time I open them UN-sbie, they are both slow to open (IE8 15sec, and FF 10 sec).
  8. Win 7 (32), sbie (sandboxie) beta 3.45.10, PCtools Plus firewall, Emsisoft anti-malware, IE8/FF3.6 . no other active anti-malware. Hey Gaz1: I'm not having any problems with auto-delete, but sbie IE8 is taking 25-30sec to open! I had similar slowdown issues with A-Squared anti-malware 4.5, conflicting with sbie. I posted on the sbie forum, and Tzuk (sbie dev) came up with a beta fix. I recently posted my slowdown issue on the sbie "Problem Reports" forum, and I suggest you do the same ASAP with your auto-delete lockup issue! Sounds like you have program conflicts! You don't have more than 1 active anti-malware or firewall do you? You didn't provide enough system information!? ~~~~ I suggest that you be MUCH more specific in describing your computer system! See the top 2 lines in this post!- Tzuk (or ANY forum!) will need your EXACT info to troubleshoot an issue! G'night Scott
  9. Hey Lynx: My thoughts exactly!- A2 4.5 had similar slowdown problems. I posted on the sbie forum, and Tzuk added A2 to their Software Compatibility detection... I also made a similar EAM slowdown post on the sbie forum, and Tzuk will probably add EAM to Software Compatibility, in a beta update. I haven't had any problems with auto-delete sandbox contents though!? G'night
  10. I'll try again- I am NOT talking about Startup, where the red dot is on the EAM icon until it gets it's hooks into the kernel. I am also NOT talking about the WSC (AC in win 7) message you get when EAM is shutdown- saying Turn "ON" EAM". ~~~ I AM talking about a different message, I've never seen at Shutdown! When I am going to reboot/shutdown, and click "Restart"- At the very last second desktop is showing, a pop-up bubble appears above taskbar (last 1/2 sec) saying something about "Turn "OFF" EAM"?
  11. The WSC update Module got rid of the Red X! I personally like WSC, and want to be alerted if my AV... is disabled!
  12. Win 7 (x86/32), PCtools Plus firewall, MBAM on-demand. I uninstalled A2 .29b/cleanup... I then installed the latest A2 .29c from cnet(Very different installation!), and my Hourly auto-updates stopped working? I finally Triple checked my auto-update settings, and the default installation Interval was set to MONTHLY! I would Never set anything but Daily, and assume that this is the new Default installation setting!? This is a Serious Security flaw, and Interval should Default to Daily!! I submitted a bug report to Support.
  13. I am also having the exact same No-AV problem with my laptop computer! Win 7 says it cannot detect an AV, and I have to assume that A2 is compromised...!? I filed bug reports with A2 support, and nothing yet? Question?- Can I run Avira Antivir free active (or Avast, or...?), without uninstalling/deactivating A2, until A2 gets this No-Av bug worked out?
  14. Win 7 (32), A2, PCtools Plus firewall, MBAM on-demand only. No other. After this mornings 1st Large auto-update (no update pop-up, with stats?), I get the red X warning flag that there is no AV on this computer! I've tried several reboots (this usually gets rid of intermittant red X)/manual update, and A2's still not active!? What now?- I'm dead in the water with no AV!
  15. Auto-Updates don't work with A-squared Beta 5.0?- Win 7(32), PCtools Plus FireWall, MBAM & AntiVir free on-demand. I had similar system freeze problems with 4.5... "auto-updates" (update arrows would go forever, and then system freeze when I tried anything/Unresolved post), and decided to give 5.0... a try yesterday? It seemed that downloads/browsing (FireFox 3.6) were a little faster, but 1hr auto-updates never did work (couldn't kick them off with a manual update, like I commonly have to with 4.5/Unresolved post?)?- I tried adjusting 5.0 update time settings, and it crashed with a warning/report box!?