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  1. HI, There is this problem with various individuous in the internet. The a-squared free show me this infection !!! but, i do not know to save the log of the a-squared free software then, i only posted: " a-squared free detected Trojan.Win32.Patched.aa!A2 in C\windows\explorer.exe " and the log of the a-squared HiJackFree for helpful. Anothers detection softwares do not detect this malware in my system. The same occur with others friends here in Brazil. Here in Brazil, everybody think that is a false positive but, i want to have conviction with you of the EMSI software. I will to try a on
  2. Hello, Very people in internet have the same problem on last days (a-squared free detected Trojan.Win32.Patched.aa!A2 in C\windows\explorer.exe). It is false positive or is um malware patched in explorer.exe ? This is my a-squared HiJackFree log :
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