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  1. Hello, catprincess. I attempted to do just that after the problem occurred. By removing the Anti-keylogger entry for Foxit Reader I was alerted by Online Armor of key-logging activity, likely due to navigating Windows Explorer to open a PDF file. Then I set Foxit Reader to the Allowed status. Unfortunately, the file being read still rendered a black page and the History Log showed five entries all related to the anti-screenlogger and Access Denied. This is for Online Armor++ edition v5.0.0.1100 under Windows x64. I did get around the problem, though. The solution I suggested was to delete th
  2. Hello, There are two issues outlined in the topic title that I would like to report on. Firstly, I noticed an issue with the firewall status feature and how it would misread the uploaded/up speed units, the former being GB where it should be KB, and the latter Kb/s instead of MB/s (please see attached file). All internet-facing applications I have run exhibits similar behaviour. There are also occasions when I am playing an online role-playing game (MMORPG) where the graph reading shoots up to 500,000 KB/s and the downloaded and uploaded entries no longer contain units, but large 6-digit nu
  3. Currently, it appears that all processes are affected, including OA's user interface as seen here: Furthermore, here is the screenshot of the country tab superimposed on the firewall rule editor: Finally, thank-you for the link to the documentation and your swift response.
  4. Lack of documentation Online Armor 5.0 now looks more like Mamutu. However, other than the change in skin, there is very little documentation that explains how to use the new features such as the File and Registry Shield, or the option to retain the Web Content filtering feature from previous versions. In addition, I would be grateful if anyone could explain why trusted programs have "Allow All" for remote code/data modification. My concern correlates with popular Instant Messaging programs for home and small business users. Suggestion An update on the FAQs section for OA 5.0 before the off
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