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  1. c:\program files\clickpotatolite\bin\10.0.668.0\clickpotatolitesahook.dll - File locked, removal on next reboot C:\Program Files\ClickPotatoLite\bin\10.0.668.0\ClickPotatoLiteSA.exe - File not found C:\Program Files\ClickPotatoLite\bin\10.0.668.0\ClickPotatoLiteUninstaller.exe/$PLUGINSDIR\Install.dll - File not found this is the information displayed in the window telling me to seek help here. Gen.AdWare.Heur!IK 1 Prozesse, 2 Dateien - hohes Risiko this is the name given to the data while scanning Picked up this data while surfing on www.xnxx.com a potn site. never had problems there been using sometime. i use google chrome, as i clicked on the video it opend a internetexplorer window which i instinctivly closed imediantly. did 3 detail scan over 2 days and emsi can't delete this data. pls help thank you