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  1. When i deleted the zip file i had not opened it at all it had only just finished downloading i never run any thing without scanning it several times first and i encourage others to do the same. i dont use illegal software on my pc and had no intention of using that keygen, though i dont suppose you will believe that, just by the fact that i downloaded the program with that in, it was part of a download that i wanted the program for, it was a link that came through an email group im in and i suppose if id thought about it i should have just searched for the program, some times saving time comes over common sense, but either way i didnt get the program and could have got a nasty virus on my system. Well it seems i need to do some research and find out whats wrong with my audio though i didnt know there was any thing. Thank you for your time and sorry to have wasted it. Heather.
  2. Ok Thank you First im using windows vista service pack 2 AMD Turion 64 X2 32 bit operating system. I have AVG free antivirus i have a squared free and spybot S&D and maleware bytes anti spyware none of them with real time only the avg is running real time. i use CCleaner regularly and also atf cleaner. I have Incredimail premium running at start up as well as AVG free. I have scanned with A squared free it found a Trojan in a zip file which i had only just downloaded so i know this is not a threat. it has been deleted. Attached is the report after the scan but theres not alot to see on it. Dont worry i havent killed any processes thats why im here because i dont want to do some thing wrong and then muck things up. I was just looking at the running processes and found that one which didnt seem right to have no info about it. Thank you for any help. Heather.
  3. HI i have just downloaded and installed highjack free, while looking at the processes i found one that i have no idea what it is there is no information for it and im a littl worried it could be some thing that is mucking up my internet as that has been on and off for the last 3 days. any info on this would be great. the process is audiodg.exe process id 1612 not visible not using any memory info NA on all things. IS it ok to kill this process or not. ????? Attached is a screen shot of the highjack processes. Thank you for any help. Heather.