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  1. Thanks. I missed out this time, anyway, due to the offer having expired, by now. ;)
  2. I just converted a license key that I originally purchased back in November 2017, after trialling EAM for the last month. So, I currently have 364 days to go before expiry, on my existing license. Can I purchase, taking advantage of the current offer [screen shot attached], and then add/extend this to my existing license. I don't want to buy a [new] license key, if this isn't possible.
  3. Thanks, to all that replied. ...It can be confusing when you see conjecture in a thread, as to what is the right thing to do. So, for the time being, I will just leave as is.
  4. I installed EAM on my Surface Book, earlier today, but I was dismayed that it takes such an amount of memory resources on Surface Book. Previously, I had been using EAM on my XP desktop, for quite a number of years.
  5. Is it possible to recreate the missing values of this key, or are they not necessary for the running of my system? I I know I can import them from the other snapshot, if required.
  6. Running XP, I have two snapshots installed, so I did a comparison between them of that registry key. First the snapshot that had EAM still installed: Next, the snapshot that no longer had EAM installed: Note: F: and H: drive reference difference, is due to me replacing the data drive H: in January, 2012 because it was failing. Hi Christian, Following your instructions, I have reinstalled EAM in the problem snapshot. Thanks, for that! Some screenshots showing the install: From Yesterday: This is probably where things started to go wrong...System Restore in XP and Revo Uninstaller, which then led to me getting that error message when I attempted a reinstall of EAM. From Today:
  7. I am trying to reinstall EAM after getting the following error recently: I followed the steps outlined in 'A major problem...' to no avail. When I run the EAM setup, I am encountering the following message: --------------------------- Setup --------------------------- Internal error: Failed to expand shell folder constant "userdocs" --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Then the install terminates.
  8. Lynx, Thank you. It is updating again...finally.
  9. I am having trouble updating the definitions of the Anti-Malware program. I normally update manually, so I switched to update automatically in the GUI. See screenshot. I have tried a fresh install with latest exe, downloaded earlier today from the Emsi site. See screenshots. It still does not update. I tried a System Restore in XP, and it took me back to a prior state,i.e. back to where I was before the fresh install. P.S. I had to get to the support forum through google. When I try via the Emsi Anti-Malware GUI, i get "Service Unavailable" < http://redir.emsisoft.com/?p=A2PE&v=5.1&l=en-us&t=cc P.S.S. I am not new to Emsi-Malware...I have been running its iterations for yonks.