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  1. I remembered that I was having problems with a2service.exe using up too much of CPU resource/s, and I made change with Process Lasso. Apparently, that caused the message. Just reversed that, all is back to normal.
  2. I recently installed EAM on new HP Laptop, after my old laptop which had EAM installed, died. This current install of EAM was only recently, on Windows 10 Home 20H2. Now, after starting the laptop, I keep see the following warning:
  3. Thanks. I missed out this time, anyway, due to the offer having expired, by now. ;)
  4. I just converted a license key that I originally purchased back in November 2017, after trialling EAM for the last month. So, I currently have 364 days to go before expiry, on my existing license. Can I purchase, taking advantage of the current offer [screen shot attached], and then add/extend this to my existing license. I don't want to buy a [new] license key, if this isn't possible.
  5. Thanks, to all that replied. ...It can be confusing when you see conjecture in a thread, as to what is the right thing to do. So, for the time being, I will just leave as is.
  6. I installed EAM on my Surface Book, earlier today, but I was dismayed that it takes such an amount of memory resources on Surface Book. Previously, I had been using EAM on my XP desktop, for quite a number of years.
  7. Is it possible to recreate the missing values of this key, or are they not necessary for the running of my system? I I know I can import them from the other snapshot, if required.
  8. Running XP, I have two snapshots installed, so I did a comparison between them of that registry key. First the snapshot that had EAM still installed: Next, the snapshot that no longer had EAM installed: Note: F: and H: drive reference difference, is due to me replacing the data drive H: in January, 2012 because it was failing. Hi Christian, Following your instructions, I have reinstalled EAM in the problem snapshot. Thanks, for that! Some screenshots showing the install: From Yesterday: This is probably where things started to go wrong...System Restore in XP and Revo Uninstaller, which then led to me getting that error message when I attempted a reinstall of EAM. From Today:
  9. I am trying to reinstall EAM after getting the following error recently: I followed the steps outlined in 'A major problem...' to no avail. When I run the EAM setup, I am encountering the following message: --------------------------- Setup --------------------------- Internal error: Failed to expand shell folder constant "userdocs" --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Then the install terminates.
  10. Lynx, Thank you. It is updating again...finally.
  11. I am having trouble updating the definitions of the Anti-Malware program. I normally update manually, so I switched to update automatically in the GUI. See screenshot. I have tried a fresh install with latest exe, downloaded earlier today from the Emsi site. See screenshots. It still does not update. I tried a System Restore in XP, and it took me back to a prior state,i.e. back to where I was before the fresh install. P.S. I had to get to the support forum through google. When I try via the Emsi Anti-Malware GUI, i get "Service Unavailable" < http://redir.emsisoft.com/?p=A2PE&v=5.1&l=en-us&t=cc P.S.S. I am not new to Emsi-Malware...I have been running its iterations for yonks.
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