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  1. sorry about that didn't realise there was one built in to windows
  2. for some reason I the file is too big and i can't download winrar or winzip or anything any ideas on what to do?
  3. it came up with an error hope this helps
  4. Sorry not replyed for a couple of days my lifes been very busy and like I said it is my fathers laptop and as i dont live with him It can be hard work to get hold off to sort out. I have now taken it with me and I'll check as soon as I get the chance tomorrow but anyway heres ther report that you wanted
  5. hi there whilst trying to help out my dad fix his laptop I had a2 free find Gen.Trojan!IK in 13 different locations I will attatch the saved report when I try to quarantine these the laptop does a physical memory dump then restarts
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