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  1. Hi Fabian, Have you had a chance to try bridged networking to see if you get the same problems? I cannot continue using NAT due to the problems I have accessing my NAS and anyways I even got this problem occasionally with NAT networking. I have downloaded and installed the latest version of OA this morning. I have double and triple checked that all VM related stuff in OA is allowed. (at least every thing I can find) So at the moment I keep having to shut down OA and given that I use the VM all the time this means my primary machine is not protected. Good job my router has a firewall (though I don't know how good it is) Thanks Derek
  2. Thanks catprinces It must have been the case that it did not close down properly as you said. I have since restarted machine, exited OA and only oacat.exe*32 is still running. Should I exclude my drive letters associated with USB external drives when doing large file transfers could this transfer have caused OA to consume a lot of CPU Thanks Derek
  3. Hi I started to do a large copy of files from my hard drive to an external drive (87G of data) and OA went crazy using up CPU, eventually I was able to right mouse click on the OA icon in the little icon panel (bottom right of screen, not sure what this is called) and then I selected close and exit. But still OA services are running. Though eventually the CPU they consume did drop to almost 0. The folder I was copying from was already in the exclusion list in OA. But the dest folder (being an external drive that is not always turned on) was not. Should I exclude this from OA also. oasrv.exe is still running and using a little CPU (even after having exited and closed OA) when lots of CPU was being consumed it was oasrv.exe*32 that was doing the damage. These are still in the process list though using 0 CPU oacat.exe*32 oahlp.exe*32 oasrv.exe*32 oaui.exe*32 I am running windows 7 SP1 64bit and the latest OA build of V5. Until I was able to stop OA and even this took a long time, by machine basically ground to a halt. Can OA be restricted to only ever consuming a max amount of CPU? Thanks Derek
  4. Hi Fabian, Just a little update. When I switched to using NAT on the WM all works, well mostly. I no longer get the error and I can connect my VM to my local network and the internet. But unfortunately for some reason I cannot connect to my NAS via a mapped drive setting. Probably something to do with my NAS set up and I cannot remember it's password ;-) with luck I will track it down. Still I can live without this for a while. But it would be great if you guys were able replicate the bridged network issue and then fix it at some point. Thanks Derek
  5. Hi Fabian, I am using Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit 6.1.7601, Service Pack 1 VMware Workstation 7.1.4 build 385536 My VMware network adaptors are bridged. Online Armor What VM networking are you using perhaps that is differnt. Are the other specs the same? Would it perhaps depened on the order in which I installed OA and VM-workstation? From memory I installed VM-workstation first. Also the actual VM machine I am trying to load was created from my previous windows vista 32 bit physical machine using VMware conversion utility. Thanks Derek
  6. Hi catprinces, Nope I had not tried that as you had previously suggested it in an earlier post and the person came back saying it disabled thier networking. Nonetheless I have tried it now, and not only did I get a message as the VM started up saying the NIC could not be attached (or something to that effect) it also informed me that the CD/DVD player could not be found. Furthermore, the VM then took a very long time (compared to normal) to start. I have logged into the machine and can confirm I now have no network connections. So this solution though perhaps viable for some, certainly does not work for me. Thanks for the suggestion though. A emsisoft staff member also suggested that I exclude the VM program folder from OA protection which I did as well as excluding the VM machine files folder but it did not help either. Also I tried turning off the firewall and program protection options and it still did not work. The only thing that seems to work is it exit OA. Is this only a problem in win7 64 bit? what about win7 32 bit? does anyone know. Emsisoft presumably this is affecting all 64 bit win 7 users that require their VM to have network access. Is there a fix in the works? Thanks again Derek
  7. Hi all I am having the same problem with Win7 64 bit. Running latest version of OA++ (downloaded this morning 7th April 2011) VM Workstation starts just fine but when I try to resume my suspended machine, I get the vmci.sys error. I have made sure that Firewall is trusting the VM network adaptors, I have turned on debug and logging (in the options TAB, I left default logging level as blocked), though I do not see any blocked entries in the history TAB as a result of trying to start my VM. Is this where the logging info would show up. I search for logging in the online help (just expanded all topics and did CTL+F) to search for logging but did not find anything. I notice this thread has been quiet for a while but the problem does not seem to be solved! Thanks Derek
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