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  1. Ok Guys your Techno-language is beyond my basic computer skills,are you talking about how OA and AM interact together? I re-installed Online Armor about a month ago and it was working good,then at the Emnisoft Home website I saw Anti-Malware and decided to give it the free month test,so far they are working great together,I assumed by installing both products from the same company they would be designed to compliment each other and there wouldn't be any special considerations or any adjustments I'd have to make... Remember I'm not a real computer "Techie",I just hope and expect they will work together harmoniously. Everything should be ok without any finessing? I'm actually so impressed with Anti-Malware so far that I likely will buy it at the end of the free test if no problems occur,this may be the first product in years that I will personally rate better than Avira,or anything else. It's sure come a long way from A-Squared that I tried and used a few years ago(I wasn't impressed). So far I've been periodically running malware scans with some of my other favorite products to see what AM is missing in scans or sneaking into my computer past it,but so far nothing! It seems to do a fantastic job of blocking anything bad getting into my computer,I'm impressed so far,but I'm gonna keep checking for faults...
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