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  1. Possible infection: Trojan Win32/Fakesysdef

    Awesome!! Thanks and many alohas!
  2. Possible infection: Trojan Win32/Fakesysdef

    Aloha - the desktop icons have returned
  3. Possible infection: Trojan Win32/Fakesysdef

    Aloha - here's the TDSSKiller log
  4. Possible infection: Trojan Win32/Fakesysdef

    Aloha Kevin - attached file as requested - combo-fix. Thanks!
  5. Possible infection: Trojan Win32/Fakesysdef

    Aloha - as requested, please find attached the OTL log. In addition, Java has been updated and Java™ 6 Update 29 has been removed. It also appears that his native desktop and programs are hidden and using windows explorer is very slow. Mahalo!
  6. Aloha - I think my father's PC has become infected. He said he ran MSE and it had a hit for Trojan Win32/Fakesysdef which he removed. But there's still some wonkiness to his PC - so I believe the malware is still present. Thanks!!
  7. Windows Vista Repair Malaware

    Cool beans - performed all updates - many mahalos for all of your help! Take it lite
  8. Windows Vista Repair Malaware

    Mahalos that did the trick - any follow-up scans you would like me to post?
  9. Windows Vista Repair Malaware

    Aloha - please find attached the requested log. Many thanks for the kind help!
  10. Windows Vista Repair Malaware

    Aloha - things look good - except frequently used programs aren't be listed on the start menu - it's still blank. I have to go to 'all programs' to see programs. I'm not a user of vista - but I believe when selecting start - the initial listing is frequently used. I tried running a couple of programs to see if they would show on the list - nothing. I then rebooted and nothing - the listing is still blank. Mahalos
  11. Windows Vista Repair Malaware

    Aloha and good afternoon - here's the requested log file. Have a good one - many thanks for all that you do
  12. Windows Vista Repair Malaware

    Aloha - hope your day is going well. I've run the requested scan and have attached the log. Looks like desktop icons have returned Mahalos
  13. Windows Vista Repair Malaware

    Aloha - I did as you requested - removed old Java program and have attached the new OTL scan using the custom code provided. The Vista Repair pop-up appears to be gone, as well as the associated pop-ups of HD failure. EDIT: Desk top icons are still hidden. Mahalos!
  14. Aloha - my father picked up this malaware last night. He gets continous pop-ups, the fake scan pop-up that says your PC is wonky and needs fixing. His desktop wallpaper is gone - along w/ associated icons. Please find attached the logs that were requested. His o/s is Vista Mahalos for your time!
  15. Malware: Windows Restore

    Mucho mahalos for the excellent work you have provided me - everything is running great! Take it lite!