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  1. Hackerman1 - I'm sorry, but I don't know what HIPS is? I'm trying to follow what you're telling me. Are you saying I should use Online Armor instead of AVG? Sorry, I'm not real knowledgable with this stuff, but I'm trying. The only Emsisoft Rules I have set up are either Excluded or Monitored.
  2. OK, I followed those instructions successfully. The only difference is that now my AOL welcome screen comes up blank WHITE, instead of blank BLACK. How weird is that?
  3. Yes-forgive me forgetting to mention.....I also have free AVG installed and active. I was told it was recommended to keep that active as well. I have attempted to look into that as well, to see if it was blocking the AOL, but did not find that it was. But again, I'm not sure I was checking correctly.
  4. Hi All - I have been trying to solve rhis dliemma for months. When opening mu AOL program, the screen comes up blank (black), and often trying to open links within AOL mail, I get a blank white screen. I am able to open my AOL mail. I do not know for sure, that this has anything to do at all, with my Emsisoft Anti-Malware program, but I'm wondering if it is. I have checked the logs and quarantines, and rules in place, but have not yet found the issue. That being said, I'm not sure I know what I'm looking for either, that would be preventing my AOL from opening. I have researched
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