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  1. What are you exactly talking about? Are you a man or a robot repeating the same answer? Results of every anti-virus test just show which applications passed it and which didn´t. So ES Anti-malware failed VB100, that´s all.
  2. The test offers same conditions for all of tested security applications.
  3. Why did Mamutu (Malware IDS) failed this test http://malwareresearchgroup.com/?page_id=2 ?
  4. Attempt to Pdfforge.org, home of Pdfcreator project, was blocked by surf protection. I didn´t find any information Pdfforge.org was hacked, so how will Pdfforge.org infect my pc?
  5. You´re right it´s not possible to add filename to whitelist from scan report directly. But you can manage whitelist before another scan - choose directory with file you want to exclude and then finish item by typing filename (or exclude the whole directory). This is the way how a single file can be add to whitelist. It´s not very comfortable way.
  6. It´s quite easy to make an exclusion. But it´s true A2 needs to reduce number of false positives.
  7. WOT information about unibet.com: http: // www.mywot.com /en/ scorecard/ www.unibet.com A2 surf protection is based on hphosts list so this is why unibet.com is blocked. Hphosts list blocks many harmless websites just because they contains links to potentially or really dangerous files (torrent search engines) or sites. But you can disable SP completely if you think it´s useless. There should be option to disable Ikarus.
  8. Does on-execution protection protect from files with fake extensions? For example I will run wma file with mp3 extension and it will connect to internet to start download a trojan.