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  1. I dis-enable BD and problem still happens. Here is the logs files
  2. Sorry thought I had it listed but I see I did not. Is 32 bit, Strange thing is I just tried the 64 bit IE and it works. So issue is just on the 32 bit
  3. I went and uninstalled it , rebooted installed it "with" IE running and selected trust everything on this computer and let it do its thing on the scan it does and rebooted again and all is good. This morning turned pc on AO comes up as in learning mode and I wait before doing anything per the popup message until its finish. Click on IE it freezes up, close IE and open it back up page looks like it loads but its froze up again clicking on any link on page does nothing and it crahes IE .Error message is as follows "Description: A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.
  4. I didn't but do now. Now IE wont even connect and is added to OA program list to allow. Nothing shows blocked in the history. Also the memory error happened when OA was loading.
  5. Something new happened this morning while the program was loading up....got this error message "instruction at 0x774a8da3 referenced memory at 0x00000014. The memory could not be written. click ok to terminate program"
  6. I'm still having same issues I had on previous version with IE (9 now) when I go to my home page (msn) and click on any link it goes to the page and freezes when loading. I can turn everything off in OA and this still happens but close out the OA program and all is fine. I can surf with FF and all is fine...anyone else? any ideas?
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