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  1. I checked both of them on XP and Win7. Spyshelter is blocked effectively by OA in Win7 but zemana runs freely.In XP both tests fail.
  2. Yes Online Armor installs itself to C:\Program Files\Tall Emu\Online Armor , because an earlier version existed there. Earlier I tried to force install into a new folder "C:\Program Files\Online Armor" but the program runs haywire (the discussions link I gave in my last post). I have attached a snap from PE showing the exact location of Oasrv.
  3. The issue of OA totally malfunctioning if forced to install to a particular folder (user decided -atleast in the present environment) , would seem to be a problem with OA only.If OA is allowed to choose its default folder , it seems to function well , except ofcourse the problem which I am reporting now.
  4. Yes. It is true , but if you look carefully it is c:\PF\Tallemu. But about the second info , I tried installing to a separate folder as such a feature is available with OA.But OA will not function properly and had to be left to its default choice to bring in some semblance of normalcy.I have reported it here . I think that should form part of some bug report.
  5. I had indeed the exclusions in place even before writing here. I am posting the images of the exclusions at both the ends....
  6. It is nearly 2 months since I installed the latest OA in my XP SP 3.Most of the times the applications windows (CLOSE , MAXIMISE etc or a simple OK or cancel) seem slow to react and works only on two or more clicks. This is the situation only after I installed the new OA. For a few times I tested the difference in the responsiveness with OA closed and running and can confirm that OA is causing the apparent delay perhaps due to some hooks it places by Keylogger or Screen logger feature. Seems like only I am going thru this issue as no other XP user has reported it.... Any way this was for information.
  7. Sorry. Apologies. But the observation was sincere. No offence meant...
  8. It does seem true.Infact its firewall seems to affect my wireless network , and even it shows limited access. OA is hanging and I had to restart the system to get my wireless connections true.
  9. Hi Haiku , There is an app called Process Explorer from System Internals which will also give a clue which process makes Online Armor gives the CPU hike. Once that process is identified , you can exclude it from OA 's option. I did the same way for me and it served the purpose for me.
  10. So on that positive note , Wish everyone at the organisation a HAPPY 2014...
  11. In that case the best recourse will also be to exclude AVAST exe folder in the OA >>options>> exclusions for some of the legitimate updates of AVAST in its own folder and prevent OA alerting for each update..
  12. I think I had to open up some advanced settings of graphic properties and leave it as it is to make the graphics of the game do well. But it has been happening for long.. Surprised at the alert because it had been always that way..
  13. I was playing a fullscreen XP legacy game on my Win7 x 64 sys. After 10 minutes or so OA comes up with a granulated screen alert for keylogger permission ,and allowing it anyway spoils the game. The fun part is I have been playing this game for long and wondering why it happened too late today. Quiet surprised at the very slow response from OA.
  14. Oh gosh. You are reporting a bug and being humble about it. . I ran , the old CLT test and the CPIL suite which I mentioned recently. They were all blocked but no systray alerts from OA.I have pmed the history.csv file. Anyway please ask Andrey to look into from the first post of this thread for a complete perspective.
  15. Does it give the alert at your end? Will try to send the history dat when possible..
  16. HAve been using OA free for a long time. Have not seen this occurence. Win 7 x 64 brings its glitches with systray mamgement. I use a batch file to restart Explorer , and it gets back the missing icons.
  17. I recollect having made a post on OA slowing down in the 64 bit environment. Though it was discussive it was also a point made. I find it it missing, or relegated? to some other section , without the courtesy of an information. If it had been any in contravention to the forum , I would be thankful for a reply . This attitude defeats participative spirit generally.
  18. Yes , would agree on missing blocked file alerts. Sometimes I solve that by restarting OA , but it does not cure all shortcomings.
  19. Ok. Have you missed the more pertinent point of the lack of alerts which seems the main issue here.
  20. WIN 7 x 64 sp1 OA 1866 . I ran a CPL test suite which has three tests. While running first two OA duly alerted and I denied it. But while running the third there was no clue or alert from OA whether it was allowed or denied. But ultimately it turns out it had been denied by OA.Also there is a variance between the history list which shows cpil2.dll denied wheras the program list showing "Ask" Attached. Images -1 General Program options. 2 History actions, 3. Program options. 4. Test suite..
  21. @GT 500 , there are a few programs which allow themselves to be placed at the systray circumventing this bug. I wonder if it is a case of Win7 allowing only one istance of an icon from a program. But fortunately it chooses the regular OA icon to the green square. If there is anyway the green square could be made to operate as a separate portable version but dependent for input on OA perhaps?
  22. The firewall status green square will hide in Win 7 due to some obvious bug in the OS. You can make a search for this issue in this forum..
  23. No you don't. I mentioned in a post above that I can attempt that when a new VLC upgrade is available.I would not rather try deleting it frm the program list and trying it out again as it is too slow at this end. BTW my last post was a reply to your post and mentioning how the behavior of OS varies from one sys to another .
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