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  1. Thanks, Lynx. Sorry about the quote. Regards, Jerry
  2. ~ Whole Quotation Removed {Lynx} Thanks for the reply. As it happens it was updated on the 13th, two days ago. Regards, Jerry.
  3. I just finished updating a-squared free. The download was 56,474kb. Why in the world is the update so large? Regards, Jerry
  4. Hi H_D, I did not check that, but both were complete scans without any changes. I would not argue that the tests are not precisely equal, but as Alan stated that is what I have to work with. Regards, Jerry
  5. As a follow-up today I ran complete scans with A squared and MBAM. The scans were conducted with all other security applications off. Scan times were, a squared - 79 minutes vs 98 minutes with other applications running. Approx 80% of the previous time. MBAM - 47.5 minutes vs 50.75 minutes with other applications running. Approx 94% of the previous time. So although the times are somewhat shorter A-squared is still significantly slower than MBAM percentage wise. No malware was found by either scan. Thanks, again for the help and advice. This is a great forum. Regards, Jerry
  6. Hi Alan, Thanks. A somewhat different application, but KIS just scanned in 42 seconds for its Quick Scan. Normally scanning speed does not bother me, but when it approaches 2 hours or longer it does. I do not leave my computer on all the time, and sometimes I decide to use it when scanning. I realize it is usable even then. But when it get down to it there are various good applications out there. I consider MBAM as good as anything and better than most. I partially base that on the number of people who use it for cleaning infected computers. In addition, it works well as far as updates, scanning speeds, and runs in harmony with my AVs. The cost of a lifetime license is less than $25 if I remember correctly. These things go into a decision as to what to use, as I do agree that security can be overdone. In the past, and my recent experience with slow updates, scanning speeds, and the identification of safe "risks" makes me inclined not to use a-aquared. For me there are more disadvantages than advantages. I am a long way from being a "geek" and don't want to spend much time tweaking an application. I have never had an infection in over 10 years of owning computers. I have had several attempts to infect, but in every case the AV caught it. I do thank the folks here for the willingness to help. I plan to do another round of scans within the next couple of days with everything except the application scanning disabled. If so I will report the results here. I am curious about that myself. Best Regards, Jerry
  7. I know this is not a very scientific test of scan speeds, but it is what I have to live with. I did a complete scan with all applications on my latop with XP. 1. a-squared free. KIS 2010, Win Patrol Pro, MBAM paid all running. scan time - 98 minutes 2. SAS Pro with the same applications running. scan time - 53.5 minutes difference (a squared) - 44.5 minutes 3 MBAM with KIS, Win Patrol, and SAS Pro running. scan time - 50.75 minutes. difference (a squared) - 47.25 minutes Whether the differences are important to you only you can determine, but there is a large percentage difference between a-squared and the other two scanners in time required to do a complete scan. I may do the same test with other applications disabled. Regards, Jerry
  8. Thanks, Lynx, I would like to make another comment regard layering, and the reason I am running MBAM and SAS realtime. A couple of weeks ago a friend, using Norton latest and updated, got infected with antivir rogue. Norton did not detect to prevent, and also did not detect when scanned after the infection. Every test I have seen this year finds that Norton is at or near the top in detection. The rogue blocked his attempts to download MBAM so I loaded it along with SAS on a CD and took it to him. SAS did not fully remove it, but MBAM did on the first quick scan. I do not have anywhere near your expertise, but from comments and this limited experience I conclude that AVs are not designed to detect and remove all malware. Antivir happened to be one of those. I believe that if he had been using MBAM alongside Norton he would have not experienced the infection. Hence I have decided to run it real time. I may change SAS to on-demand. MBAM has blocked a couple of sites when I googled for a site, and chose a site that at first looked to be the correct one, but after it was blocked I examined it and found it was not. Although I know that KIS is a top notch AV suite I do not think it is any better overall than Norton, and am not at all sure it would have detected antivir at that time. My rationale may be incorrect, but I guess I'll have to give it a shot. Thanks again for the help and advice. Regards, Jerry
  9. Thanks to you both for the reply. Posting in the wrong forum was carelessness. My apology. I do appreciate the assistance that I have received here. Happy New Year. Regards, Jerry
  10. I have posted about what I considered FP, and I appreciate the help provided. I agree that they were not FP in the true sense. Tonight I decided to run another complete scan. After slightly more than 2 hours the scan was at 41%. The risks identified were such that I am sure they pose no risk. Considering the time required to scan, and the fact that I am using on XP, KIS 2010, Win Patrol Pro, SAS Pro, and MBAM paid, I am not willing to try to get a-squared to perform better. Accordingly, I have removed it from my main computer. I do thank all for the help provided, and the timeliness of that advice. I thought I would post this for whatever it might be worth. Regards, and Happy New Year to All. Jerry
  11. Thanks, Lynx.. I did not read the Posting Rules until I had made the post. Then I could not see how to edit and remove the quote. I'm in the slow group. Maybe the very slow group. Have a Happy New Year, and thanks again for the help. Regards, Jerry
  12. ~ Whole Quotation Removed {Lynx} Hi Lynx, Thanks for the help, and sorry about the incorrect posting. I will whitelist those I am sure about. Regards, Jerry
  13. The last test of AV Comparatives was closer to real world than previous test in my view. I have a lot of confidence in that organization. Until A-squared participates in those tests I will continue to be skeptical of its overall performance. It will be very interesting to see how it performs, and especially the number of FPs if tested by AVC. I got the free 1 year offer, but never installed it. A major reason was that it had not participated in tests like AVC, and in the past it gave too many FP. I am sure that at this point the free offer would not be good since I did not install it. However, with AVs like Kaspersky, Norton, and Avira I doubt A squared would be at the top. Regards, Jerry
  14. Here are entries from the scan log. I have already sent them to Support. Not sure there is enough info to help here. Regards, Jerry Riskware.PSWTool.Win32.Messen.bh!IK C:\Documents and Settings\XXXXX\Desktop\DL PROGRAMS\passrec.zip/mailpv.exe detected: Riskware.PSWTool.Win32.Messen!IK C:\Documents and Settings\XXXX\Desktop\DL PROGRAMS\passrec.zip/netpass.exe detected: Riskware.Hacktool.NetPass!IK C:\Documents and Settings\XXXX\Desktop\DL PROGRAMS\passrec.zip/astlog.exe detected: Riskware.PSWTool.Win32.Asterisk!IK C:\Documents and Settings\XXXX\Desktop\DL PROGRAMS\passrec.zip/pspv.exe detected: Riskware.PSWTool.PassView!IK C:\Documents and Settings\XXXX\Desktop\DL PROGRAMS\passrec.zip/rdpv.exe detected: Riskware.PSWTool.RDPassView!IK C:\Documents and Settings\XXXX\Desktop\DL PROGRAMS\passrec.zip/iepv.exe detected: Riskware.PSWTool.Win32.NetPass!IK C:\Documents and Settings\XXXX\Desktop\DL PROGRAMS\passrec.zip/PstPassword.exe detected: Riskware.PSWTool.Win32.WinPassViewer!IK C:\Documents and Settings\XXXX\Desktop\DL PROGRAMS\passrec.zip/PasswordFox.exe detected: Riskware.PSWTool.Win32.NetPass!IK C:\Documents and Settings\XXXX\Desktop\DL PROGRAMS\passrec.zip/ChromePass.exe detected: Riskware.PSWTool.Win32.NetPass!IK C:\Documents and Settings\XXXX\Desktop\DL PROGRAMS\passrec.zip/WirelessKeyView.exe detected: Riskware.PSWTool.Win32.Messen!IK C:\Documents and Settings\XXXX\Desktop\DL PROGRAMS\passrec.zip/VNCPassView.exe detected: Riskware.PSWTool.Win32.NetPass!IK C:\Program Files\Bible\Rapi.dll detected: Riskware.PSWTool.Win32.OpenPass.h!A2 C:\Program Files\Unlocker\eBay_shortcuts_1016.exe detected: Adware.Win32.ADON!A2
  15. I recently ran a complete scan with A-squared free. It came up with over a hundred problems. Nearly all were in the downloads that were in my DL folder, and I know there is no malware in the download file. There must be something in the exe type applications and the part of the download that does the downloading that A-Squared sees as a risk or trojan downloader. It also does not like Weatherbug. FWIW I have run complete scans with MBAM, SAS, Avira, F-Secure, and KIS 2010 without those warnings. It is obvious to me that they are FP, and I am not sure if a-squared is worth the trouble compared to the other applications mentioned. Thanks. Regards, Jerry
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