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  1. I have a new laptop and last night a web site said I needed Flash, so started to download it and OA displayed the message as shown earlier in this thread. My OA appears to be up to date. Does this mean this is still a OA problem, or is this something different. This thread and problem seems to date from February???
  2. Yes It was a brand new laptop, first thing I was trying to do, before adding any software including Windows updates, was to install OA. I did not think OA would need Win 7 SP1. I have now downloaded Windows updates, rebooted, ans re-tried OA. It now works. Would have been nice if the error message had been a little more explanatory...
  3. Some further info, it has actually installed, when I try to run it, and select 30 day trial, I receive the above message. I have tried on and off for over 5 hours now.
  4. I have a computer running OA and I now have a second (new) computer, so I downloaded OA for it. When I try to install it says "Invalid server response. Please try again in a few minutes or contact the support" (sic). I have tried this several times, over an hour or more.
  5. Yes, just an example. If a program is recompiled it appears to be regarded as a new program in Programs but seems to be left in Firewall. I would have thought the logic for one would apply to the other. The "trusted" I think was really meant to say "a program OA knows about" as in a record of past activity exists.
  6. I take a program here as an example. Remove all entries for it in OA under Programs and under Firewall. Recompile program. Try to run program, receive a message a program wants to run - good. It tries to access internet, allow it - good. Recompile it. Try to run program, receive a message a trusted program wants to run (sic) - sort of ok, it has changed but was never trusted. It tries to access internet, no warning. There seems to be a lack of consistency.
  7. Does the Firewall info get cleared under this sceanrio? (It doesn't seem to be here.)
  8. If OA informs me a program I have "trusted" (not really, but that is another story...) has changed (and I agree OA needs to check this, for HIPS to be effective), and I tell OA yep, it is the same program, it has been updated or whetever, then why should I have to go through and set all the OA configuration up yet again. I know it is not really the same exe, it has been replaced, etc, etc, but as far as I am concerned it is just an upgrade to a program that OA knows about and a program I have configured in OA previously.
  9. My understanding when I read the help was that if you chose a "non-standard" mask the option was not used. However, the option is still shown as on (if it was before the mask was changed), but the check box is disabled. That implies to me the option to use sub-dirs is on but is not allowed to be changed. Help indicates the option is off...
  10. Oh, and why does changing the wildcard from * to *.* disable the "Include sub-dirs" check box?
  11. Yeah, I never thought an "Option" tab would switch a whole feature on/off, I thought options would contain ... well options on how it ran, I had thought ticking read, write, etc would do that... but I should have checked that tab. Seems to be working, but a few things didn't look right, will check more.
  12. Yep, assumed that. I had Delphi running, so I used it to change a file (under that directory) and save it, no prompt, then recompiled the project, no prompt, then exited Delphi, no prompt. Not sure, but I would have thought they would be prompts on all of those, am I misunderstanding how this works? Do I have to set something up under Programs on that tab?
  13. I could not get the Files and Registry to do much. I tried a rule of: Mask: D:\My Development\* Rule type: ticked all All programs set to ask Never seemed to get a popup Not sure how this fits with allowing programs to say create exes, which takes precedence?
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