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  1. I've made some search but didn't find anything functionnal as is. I'm actually trying some content filtering proxies like "Safesquid" and "Foxy: content filtering proxy". Foxy has the advantage of supporting session cookies. Both support object content blocking but if you want to convert them to links for quick activation, you'll need to write your own regular expression (external filter script for foxy) with your own replacing html line. Note about Safesquid : free license seems broken in 3.4.6 (doesn't survive to reboot), it's ok on 3.4.4. I will play with both when i will have time
  2. To clarify my point of view, i do believe that the "trusted" scheme should not apply to web sites. My trust list is empty and will remain as it is. The answer of using another browser is not a valid answer. I switched to iron last year and... credit card fraud. Cool. None of the browsers are perfect, so i choosed to stick to ie, mainly because being historically the most used and attacked browser, is probably the most focused from a security standpoint. Maybe i'm wrong. I also have firefox, opera, lunascape, and still iron (but only for safe browsing), but don't use them. And we could go even further this way : browse within a sandbox, use a virtual linux, or directly switch to linux. Back to OA now, it's unfortunate that some usefull (and relevant, i think) functionnalities have been removed. Still don't understand why. Hope they will be back. That is i won't remove OA from my computer, nor switch to another browser (at this time), nor linux (except for my work). One question, does Antimalware has some of those ( missing ) functionnalities ? Anyway good work on OA 5 !
  3. At least for me, having removed the blocking of ActiveX and Java applets is not really a good news (and thing). In fact, i have tried for a few days now, it's sometimes a real pain. With ie8 you don't have so mutch choices. You can choose to trust the site and to load all objects, even the ones you don't want. If you choose to untrust, you will have none. And if you set ie to ask, you will have a popup (or 2 if you configure the same thing for scripts) for each object loaded. OA had the advantage to let you choose what you want to load with a simple link in place of the object. No popup. I don't care about privacy and cookies, but for this it's a big thumb down !
  4. Hi, Same problem here (green border missing) but : - when i go to windows update page from ie8 (without green border) i have the error message asking for admin rights - when i launch ie8 from OA (status page, links on the right), it's ok (green border shows around ie8) So, at least in my case, it seems the green border is just not showing for some reasons. I also tried other "runsafer", it shows on some of them (word), not on others (minimize). Limande (also on xp pro sp3)
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