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  1. can some one from the company or web master add my laptop?? thank you Chris
  2. On my windows 7 laptop I try to get into my account to add a new devise(laptop) and the icon just keeps spinning, what gives? I have palemoon on it and only that..on my pc I can get there thank you
  3. I there more than one theme? if so where is the feature to rotate them? thank you
  4. hayc59

    Official Online Armor ++ roadmap

    Thank you,
  5. hayc59

    Official Online Armor ++ roadmap

  6. hayc59

    Official Online Armor ++ roadmap

    Will the standalone firewall eventually be dropped?
  7. Andry..this is what I get on both pages trying to acces it
  8. Main update page and download page of website is having issues.. http://www.emsisoft.com/a2/changelog/personal//?showmalware=updates http://www.emsisoft.com/en/support/malware/
  9. hayc59

    license key

    Hello acme Use the link below and sign in and all your info should be there ocne you add your info..ie password and username. Also for future refrence..just right click on OA icon in your task bar and you will see 'open user area' that will take you to the same section.. hope that helps Gordon https://www.online-armor.com/user_area.php
  10. hayc59


    I have been running it along side OA for sometime and have used it with Outpost also not a single issue what so ever, its a great team!!
  11. If I may, I used to get this same pop-up when first using OA..its Video Card info and I went ahead and trusted it and allowed C:\WINDOWS\system32\ati2sgag.exe Windows service required at start up This Windows service is used at system boot up to check for system compatability and stability issues for ATI video cards. Also responsible for setting the AGP settings the video card will use. Unless this is causing a problem we recommend you leave this set as automatic.