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  1. I downloaded Malwarebytes just to do a followup scan, and the quick scan found six items. Maybe these are the same items EAM found earlier which did not pop up again after the uninstall and reinstall. Any thoughts?
  2. Update: I uninstalled and reinstalled EAM. Everything seems to be back to normal. File Guard is on and staying on. I ran a deep scan and no bad items came up. Perhaps this was a glitch. Don't know.
  3. Sorry, I am using the paid version of EAM. I checked the information and I still have 100 or so days left on the license. I am pretty sure File Guard was on before that scan. Oh also, around the time I noticed File Guard was off, I downloaded an update of Adobe flash player and it generated some warnings from EAM. I looked at the stats from the communitiy, which was about a 60-40 split in favor of installing, and I installed it. Maybe that had something to do with it. But the File Guard is still off. Perhaps I should uninstall and reinstall EAM?
  4. Don't know what's going on. I just can't turn on File Guard. It refuses to switch on. I have rebooted several times and it persists. Recently I did have something pop up on deep scan, and it is currently in quarantine. It was the Happytofind toolbar, listed as medium threat, in six locations. Any suggestions? Edit: Sorry, more info. I am running Windows Vista 32-bit, no other security software. Using the Vista firewall, and Emsisoft Anti-malware 6.0. Oh, and I think Windows Defender is currently enabled, but I will have to check.
  5. I have two licenses for Emsisoft antimalware. I was wondering if there is any way I can transfer one of the antimalware licenses to Mamutu? Is that possible? Thanks.
  6. EAM is back integrated into security center after turning file guard off and back on.
  7. Well, I went back to the main screen on Antimalware and turned off and on file guard, behavior blocker, and surf protection, and the red flag went away. Security Center is no longer reporting not detecting an antivirus system. Does the previous question refer to the firewall or antimalware?
  8. Yes, I'm using the latest version. Although I have Windows 7 64-bit, there are occasionally 32-bit updates from Microsoft. I don't know why. Maybe I should not install those. But I noticed I have 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Internet Explorer 9, and usually the 32-bit version is used. I also have a paid subscription to Emsisoft Antimalware, along with the Onlin Armor Premium subscription. Excellent coverage of course, perhaps the best I have seen taking into account high scanning speed and now reduced numbers of false positives. But this latest update patch from Microsoft was grueling. Perhaps I should turn off messages from the firewall during Microsoft/Windows updates. By the way, since this incident on Tuesday I have also lost shell extension on Antimalware. Right now I'm getting security center message saying there is no antivirus system on my computer. It is however recognizing Online Armor firewall. Don't know what's going on. How do I check to make sure shell extension is set properly?
  9. Today was one of those Tuesday patch days from Microsoft, and there were ten total updates including security updates for Windows 7 as well as updates for Microsoft Office 2010, both 32- and 64-bit. I tell you, during the installation there were an ungodly number of requests from Online Armor asking to allow the downloads. Was this an anomaly, or will this happen occasionally with such updates? One update actually failed because I guess I did not respond to all of the popups. I tried it again later and it worked.
  10. I guess all it was was a brief glitch. I went back and did an update, and the info for entering my registration key came up. I did it, and when I ran another quick scan it came back with an appropriate figure of around 426,000 files scanned. I am running Windows 7 64-bit, paid version of Emsisoft Antimalware with Online Armor Premium and no other security software. I have found this combination rock solid. Nothing seems to be getting through at all, in terms of bad stuff.
  11. Usually the number of scanned items climbs up into the 400 and 500,000s, but today on both quick scans the final number scanned reverts to a much lower number, usually around 400 or 500. I have attached a screen shot of the results of my last quick scan. Thanks.
  12. I am just checking some things on my computer. I had downloaded a competing antispyware software to check it out, and it was unclear which effects were due to Emsisoft or the other software. They were competing with each other with regard to defense, and I just wanted to see how the other one operated minus Emsisoft's usual defenses. But this other software has no antivirus, hence I needed to retain Emsisoft's virus capabilities.
  13. If so, what are the proper settings? I need to disable everything but antivirus for awhile.
  14. Thanks for the link to the article. I will read it shortly.
  15. I was conducting a Google image search of May 2011 calendars. On the second or third one I clicked on, there was a rogue antivirus application apparently imbedded in the picture file. Anyway, it ran for awhile until I was able to exit from the program. It did not get far enough to offer a download box to "remove" the fake trojans it had found. I immediately ran a quick scan and nothing was found, so I assume it did no damage. So are these things typically harmless if you don't download anything? And I should also assume Google image searches are a bit dangerous, no?
  16. Hello, I'm back with a paid version of Emsisoft antimalware after a two year absence. I just completed a one-year subscription to PC Tools Internet Security and decided to replace it with Emsisoft. The PC Tools system struck me as quite competent but very aggressive in dealing with cookies. It also took a long time to get internet connection at boot up. It seems the system implicates itself into the start-up menu in a profound way. Anyway, after installing Emsisoft I notice much quicker Internet connection and less annoying delays on surfing the web. The first scan I ran post-PC Tools found a few items never flagged before, and they do not appear to be false positives. I'm looking forward to another good run with Emsisoft.
  17. The log report on Win32kDiag was not very useful, as part of what showed up in the text file said this: WARNING: Could not get backup privileges! Searching 'C:\Windows'... Cannot access: C:\Windows\System32\config\afw.conf So it didn't go very far in the analysis. Thanks.
  18. I have a screen shot of an A2 scan that picks up this item on my computer. It is listed as the Happy to Find Toolbar, listed as medium threat. It does not allow quarantine or deletion. Thanks.
  19. I went back into popups under configuration and unchecked application restart alerts. Everything is back to normal. Thanks.
  20. Since a rather large update a couple of days ago, A2 is now consistenly producing a popup stating that A2 must be restarted in order for updates to take effect. Why is this happening? Is this in preparation for version 5.0?
  21. Thanks. I have not used the white list feature before, but this will surely help to shorten deep scans.
  22. I have a very large program on my computer that offers templates for a variety of printing projects. The last time I did an A2 deep scan the extra files connected with this program made the scan ridiculously long. Can I exclude this program and all its files from deep scans?
  23. Okay, I got the private email about the attachment I posted. I would like it deleted, but can't figure out how to do it from this end. Thanks.
  24. I have been getting bug reports from A2 recently when I have been working in Microsoft Word. I have a Lenovo Ideapad Y510, Vista 32-bit OS, and the only other security is a Lenovo 3.0 personal firewall. I have enclosed an attache file of the latest bug report. I have no idea what is going on.