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  1. My problem is still the same. The game lags a lot - I mean e.g. when I press the left arrow on my keyboard, the car steers left many seconds later. It is true with other keys and this way I cannot control the car...
  2. The Web Shield is good for me now, I use the Domains for blocking some sites with pleasure.
  3. I think you don't have to remove that Windows component, try setting up your DSL connection again and run the Network Settings Wizard. If these don't help then try removing the component that catprincess mentioned.
  4. Now I don't have any trusted sites either. I just trusted that online radio site with the streaming audio in order to get it working normally. But trusting it didn't help. There are no such problems with OA 5's Web Shield. None of the browsers are perfect - it is true. IE8 and 9 are better at security, IE7 so-so, but before it was, hmmm... If you use Vista or Win 7, UAC is turned on - so Protected mode is, too, your case is better. But IE8 is quite slow, 9 is faster. But I still don't like that ActiveX, I only use it when especially needed. The developers of Firefox and Comodo Dragon are also much concerned about security. No separate sandbox, just run your browser with OA's RunSafer option. The most secure PC is not connected to any network, is placed in an armored room and get power from a UPS.
  5. So you have ADSL connection, your modem is connected to your PC's network card and your PC has only 1 network card? But this Internet Gateway... It seems that your PC is sharing another computer's internet connection. Click on Start, choose Run... and type: cmd. At the command prompt write: ipconfig /all. If your default gateway there is something like 192.168.x.x, then you are really sharing the internet connection of another PC or you have a router. At Network Connections > Local connection do a right click, select Properties, double click on TCP/IP. There should be automatic IP and automatic DNS selected. As I said before, I think you should set up your internet connection again and run Network Settings Wizard.
  6. Small difference is not a problem. But if your firewall doesn't see intense traffic - that is.
  7. Then run Network Setup Wizard. Choose the 3rd option (Other) then the 2nd (Directly connecting to internet, no network) and no file and printer sharing.
  8. If you have only this 1 PC, then configure the Network Setup Wizard at Control Panel properly. Or you can try right clicking on the Internet Gateway and choose Disable.
  9. Personally I don't miss those Web Shield functions as they slowed down my internet experience. Listening to streaming audio through Flash based player was, aaa - I had to wait more than a min before playing started regardless of trusting the site... The ActiveX part of Internet Explorer was (and is still) a pain in my opinion. I don't use IE - only when I have to beacuse of some sites. The new IE9 is faster and safer, but I still don't like it. I suggest using Firefox: no ActiveX, cookies can be automatically deleted at closing Firefox, no unnecessary PlugIns... You can add AdBlock and NoScript to it if you want. Or Comodo Dragon (based on Google Chrome, but better at privacy) is also a good and fast browser, but it is less configurable and you can meet with some compatibility issues with some sites.
  10. Hello! Go to Control Panel > Internet Settings > Connections. Select Add and set up your DSL connection again, make it default. Then remove the other, unnecessary connections from the Connections list. After that reboot your PC and test if it works correctly.
  11. Win XP Pro SP3 with recent updates. I have no other security software now, which could cause any conflicts. Yep, I trusted the NFS3 files when OA alerted - but it did not help.
  12. I cannot play in a normal way with Need For Speed 3 (oldies but goodies, you know ) unless I Deactivate HIPS Features - which is not the safest thing and also requires a reboot. I tried allowing (ticked remembering) the game files, adding the NFS3 folder and the DVD drive (D:) to the exclusions list, unticked Web Shield, Program Guard and Anti-Keylogger. But the only working solution is Deactivating HIPS Features. The case was the same with the previous version (4.5) of Online Armor, too.
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