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  1. My name is John, I'm in Wyoming, need help; when I click on my Emsisoft icon, I get a message that reads Emsisoft Protection is waiting for a component (service) to start. What should I do to fix this problem? Thanks for your help. My e-mail [email protected]

  2. this user, which after 3 years has infected every new hard drive i have. what it's doing is changing permissions, and attributes to H, on all startup files. as it makes it way further into my system or external drives, it makes them appear hidden to even the os. after a fresh os install, upon rebooting to either complete the instal of software, drivers, or the like, upon reboot i wind up a system that no longer see's the hdd, which means no more pc. i've seen errors such as no os found,  hdd drivers not installed. and this is right after a fresh os install.

    i've got over a dozen boot discs, which ought to find and remove this plague, however it seems it is very good at hiding it self from scanners, and it appears to be in a section of the hdd that is carrying the hdd info. or perhaps it's found it's way to the bios. 

    either way, if i can get the permissions changed, in time, i can recover partitions/hdd's, if not, all i get is is a RAW hdd/partition error message. i've currently got several infected hdd's with a ton of homemade fonts, cursors, icons, graphics deigns.... months of work on each. i know the data is there. 

    i've wanted to be able unwind this whatever it is that is causing this infiltration, but to no avail. 

    it is very hard to form to ask for help, however after so much loss, and time invested in lerarning, and the promethean of efforts made, i see i am need of help from a person that with more insight than i have gained over the past 3 years.

    i want to be able to my computer as a tool, not as thing to battle against to get working for a day or 2, only to have to begin again. after trying ever sort of scanning a-v, a-m, boot discs. i've yet to remove it from my storage drives and internal hdd's. it has also made it's way to my flash drives and corrupted them to the point where i have to use recovery s-ware. which do not recover 100% of the data.

    ive also used software that lets me the entire disc, however time has prevented me thus far from learning how to understand what it is i'm seeing.


    at this point, i'm desperate to get back to using my computer for creativity rather than repair. which brings me to you for help.

    if i can provide you with further details of the dynamics of this intrusion, and exactly how it is effecting my system, please let me know and specific needed.

    thank you in advance


  3. Stiving to better the world and myself, through action and words.

  4. Hi, please forgive my opening this thread Fabian. But there is a way to remove icons from the notification tray. First: right click on the Taskbar. Select Properties. Second: click on Customize in the area marked Notification area. Third: Uncheck the item, Always show all notifications in the task bar. Fourth: Scroll through the list above this showing all icons, and choose the action you wish to take from the drop down menu. Fifth: Then click OK. This should remove the old icon. Best of luck.
  5. Have you looked in the exception list to make sure the program is listed? You can turn off Emsisoft and install. We at Emsisoft do not support the use of programs used for illegal activities and torrent software often is used to pirate content, software, music, videos. If that is your plan prepare for infections and issues. Of course torrents can be completely legal and is a useful content.
  6. Hello and welcome to EMSI. I see you also have a thread in the Russian forum. Since this is an English forum for malware removal I will close this thread. Please keep watch on your topic in the Russian forum.
  7. Hello southieguy and welcome to EMSIsoft support. Please be sure you read http://support.emsisoft.com/forum-49/announcement-11-information-to-include-in-your-support-requests/ and provide the information described in this topic. Also be sure you have your personal settings set up to receive notifications for replies to this topic and I see now you do have that.
  8. Hello animalambulanceman and welcome to EMSIsoft. Please begin here: http://support.emsisoft.com/forum-6/announcement-2-start-here-if-you-dont-we-are-just-going-to-send-you-back-to-this-thread/ Follow all instructions exactly and someone will assist you ASAP.
  9. Hello coltfan and welcome to EMSI please begin here follow all instructions exactly and someone will be happy to help you.
  10. You have a thread http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/10248-linda41/'> Here that you have not replied to. Please keep your posts and replies in the same thread.
  11. You must keep all your replies in the same thread you initially started. If you have trouble finding it make sure you have set your user settings to get an email notice when your topic gets a reply, the email will contain a link directly to your topic. I will merge this with your original topic for review.
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