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  1. Stiving to better the world and myself, through action and words.

  2. Hopefully it will work for the OP.
  3. Yeah I am wrong in step 5 . Don't recheck, just click OK.
  4. What option did you choose from the drop down menu?
  5. Follow the steps and you will see how it does what the user is asking.
  6. Hi, please forgive my opening this thread Fabian. But there is a way to remove icons from the notification tray. First: right click on the Taskbar. Select Properties. Second: click on Customize in the area marked Notification area. Third: Uncheck the item, Always show all notifications in the task bar. Fourth: Scroll through the list above this showing all icons, and choose the action you wish to take from the drop down menu. Fifth: Then click OK. This should remove the old icon. Best of luck.
  7. Have you looked in the exception list to make sure the program is listed? You can turn off Emsisoft and install. We at Emsisoft do not support the use of programs used for illegal activities and torrent software often is used to pirate content, software, music, videos. If that is your plan prepare for infections and issues. Of course torrents can be completely legal and is a useful content.
  8. Hello and welcome to EMSI. I see you also have a thread in the Russian forum. Since this is an English forum for malware removal I will close this thread. Please keep watch on your topic in the Russian forum.
  9. Hello southieguy and welcome to EMSIsoft support. Please be sure you read and provide the information described in this topic. Also be sure you have your personal settings set up to receive notifications for replies to this topic and I see now you do have that.
  10. Hello animalambulanceman and welcome to EMSIsoft. Please begin here: Follow all instructions exactly and someone will assist you ASAP.
  11. Hello coltfan and welcome to EMSI please begin here follow all instructions exactly and someone will be happy to help you.
  12. You are very welcome. The other one is obviously well known because I can't download it keep getting a popup it's a virus.
  13. I've hit the jackpot today two malicious spams, managed to get the file from one. Low detection at VT. Came in an email spoofed as from Fed-Ex so I included the message source. It's a word doc but file properties say it's an app and creation date is tomorrow lol.
  14. You have a thread'> Here that you have not replied to. Please keep your posts and replies in the same thread.
  15. You must keep all your replies in the same thread you initially started. If you have trouble finding it make sure you have set your user settings to get an email notice when your topic gets a reply, the email will contain a link directly to your topic. I will merge this with your original topic for review.