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  1. Purchased and have been using EMS for a month or so. Just in the last few days the program says I have a login error and asks asks me repeatedly to sign in via my google account. I do so. It says I am all set. I press the 'get started' button and it takes me back to the screen where it asks me to sign in to my google account again. It is stuck in that loop for a few trys and then the icon that had appeared in my notification bar disappears and the problem goes away. The following day it does the same thing-- login error. I thought maybe if I uninstalled the program and then reinstalled the error would disappear an things would go back to normal. I went to uninstall it and it says I have to deactivate it first to uninstall. I went to the application list and the deactivate button is greyed out. Now I can't even get the program off my phone. I apologize for not reading the 'before you post' instructions before I opened this form but I assume you want this info. I have a Samsung Galaxy 4 from Verizon Wireless and am running version 1.0.8 of the Emsisoft Mobile product. I need it to function properly or I need to know how to uninstall it. The product is so new doing a search of the Internet to find these answers produces no usable results. Any assistance would be very much appreciated.
  2. Maybe this is too soon to ask this question being as the program just came out but I am setting up Emsisoft Mobile Security, version 1.06 on my Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 4.3. When I open the anti-theft and/ or web security screen it refers to setting up and using these functions through the website I try and go to that site both via the phone itself or my desktop web browser and all I get is a blank page. Is the site set-up and functional yet or am I doing something wrong in my set-up? So far I am very impressed with the product and have disabled the security software that came with the phone to use your mobile product. I use Online Armor and Emsisoft Anti-Malware for PC already and am impressed with how easy the products are to use, how little resources they take and the quick updates to keep the product 100% functional. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give me.
  3. When I first bought this product one of the two things that annoyed me and still does with the latest V7 is that when my scheduled scan starts each morning the scan windows pops up right on top of whatever I am doing. Why can't we just get a small pop-up in the notification area that says "Running Scheduled Scan" or some such thing? Why does it have to pop-up over the window I am in the middle of working on? Very annoying. The other issue-- and I see it posted in a few places besides my own is the fact we can not just right click on a safe quarantined item and select something like "Move to white-list"? It takes two or three steps now to get a file white-listed making it much more difficult than it needs to be. I can't believe your beta testers missed that one. I'd love to see these simple changes made to the next version's GUI. Thanks!
  4. One big complaint I have about EAM is there is no way to easily add an entry from the quarantine to the white list without several clicks, moving from one screen to another and entering in the name and location of the file to be white listed. Why can't this be made to be an option when you right hand click on a quarantined file? Something like "Add to White List" would make it so much easier and it seems we need that because the software keeps finding the same software in different locations on my machine where I keep backup files etc. I'd like it so the file itself is white listed - not the file just in that particular location. I have an extended subscription to both this product and Online Armor with 1169 days left as of today. The lack of an easy way to white list quarantined items makes me a little crazy. Just a white list button on the quarantine page itself would be a start. I was hoping when the new version 7 came out this would have been addressed.
  5. blue.lake

    EAM still pops up during every scan...

    I apologize for not getting back to you earlier. No, it is not showing any problems during the scan. I have since re-installed my OS and all programs including Anti-Malware since my earlier post and set the scans as silent. It is a scheduled scan for 10am each morning. Right at 10am the Emsisoft Anti-Malware scanning UI pops-up and I get to witness the scan in process. I can minimize it of course but the fact I have silent scan checked should prevent this from happening I assumed.
  6. I just got through reading an email Emsisoft sent today regarding firewall protection, HIPS protection etc., and at the end they made a pitch for the customer to buy both of their security products-- Online Armor and Anti-Malware-- at a reduced price of course. I have been running Online Armor for at least four years and love it. I had been using Vipre Anti-Virus also for many years and really liked it. However a couple months ago I tried Emsisoft Anti-Malware on one of my machines just to check it out and other than the fact it uses a few more resources than Vipre, it is a better product, has more features and many more customization's-- including a manual back-up of all your settings-- which Vipre has if you can dig around in the program folder to find it.. I bought a license for Anti-Malware to match my Online Armor's expiration date for all five of my machines and I am convinced that even though there is some duplication of features, I am well covered until the end of 2015. For once I can honestly say I bought in to what an email sales pitch was trying to sell me-- and I have no buyers remorse. In fact the sales person I dealt with went through great pains to insure the two licenses, the old Online Armor license and the new Anti-Malware license expired on the exact same day so one doesn't expire before the other and leave me exposed-- something which I thought was really putting in the extra effort to make me a happy camper.
  7. Despite scans being set to silent mode, every time my scheduled scan begins Anti-Malware pops up in my face on my screen and has to be minimized to get it out of the way. I thought putting it in silent mode disabled that behavior. It is very annoying, especially when working on something important and if the silent mode isn't designed to provide that option some other check box should be to keep the scan box minimized or completely invisible. Does anyone else have this complaint about this behavior?
  8. blue.lake

    Online Armor 5 GUI Unresponsive

    I installed version beta two weeks ago and haven't had an issue since. I'm still hesitant to say it resolved the problem because past betas seemed to have done the same but then OA went back to the behavior after a couple weeks. So far so good on this beta.
  9. blue.lake

    Online Armor 5 GUI Unresponsive

    This must have to do with more than the just the GUI. Every time I try and get debug files to send when I reproduce the problem (which is easy-- every time I click on the 'History' tab) -- they all show 0 bytes in size. The oamain debug file has a recent time (within a few minutes), but the rest are not only empty but show no activity in days despite thew fact I have tried several times.
  10. blue.lake

    Online Armor 5 GUI Unresponsive

    I am still having the issue-- way back to the first release of version 5. I am going to paste a link to my support ticket below-- I assume Andrey, that you can sign in from your end and have a look.
  11. Further update. I have checked my settings in Chrome, saw that in another post as well and it did not help. I finally uninstalled and re-installed OA AGAIN and left pretty much all the settings on default. My problem has disappeared. I saved the default settings, naming them as such and am now going to start setting everything the way I had it before and preferred it. If the problem resurfaces I am going to TRY and backtrack and find out which setting may have caused the issue. If I can make that happen I will report back. This version 5 of OA has been a real pain. I have re-installed four or five times to solve these type of issues-- also it forgets settings I have made on particular software and shoots me a pop-up on the same items over and over again. The only way to stop them is to put them on the ignore list or use a program like PTFB to automatically close the pop-up the instant it comes up. THAT kind of defeats the purpose of having a firewall. I am also using Vipre -- not the firewall included version-- and it has no effect on OA. Vipre is still running after the reinstall and OA has no issues with it. It has got to be something in the settings that would have changed between version 4 and version 5 of OA. I forgot to mention that on my machine anyway it was also effecting Internet Explorer 9 as well-- not just a Chrome issue. Thank you to everyone for their input and assistance.
  12. Just to update this issue... there has been no change. I see this same probelm popping up under various postings all over the forum. IE 9, Chrome and Opera all slow to a crawl when OA 5 is installed. I uninstalled and rebooted twice and reinstalled. I ran the wizard, started with all new settings and have the same problem. Related to this in Outlook 2007 if an email has to download pictures, advertising graphics etc I get the same freeze and an eventual popup from Outlook saying, "Waiting for server" that stays until I stop the download. OA 5 is blocking it seems all browsers, maybe port 80? It easy very easy to solve the issue. I just turn off OA and everything returns to normal. Until this issue gets resolved somewhere in the forum or via support I am going to have to uninstall OA from my three systems and wait it out. I simple won't exclude my browsers from OA, it defeats the entire reason to have a firewall being most malware etc comes in through the browser.
  13. blue.lake

    Freezes during wizard

    I upgraded my last two machines to OA 5 a couple weeks ago and both had the same problem. My main PC had no such issues and run the same basic software. I ended up doing what you are not really supposed to do-- I did a backup of my own settings and imported them into the two new machines and then had to go in and edit many of the settings to get OA to work properly with those systems.
  14. blue.lake

    Online Armor killing internet connection

    I can chime in on this problem a bit. I actually came to the forum today looking for a solution to this very same issue. Since upgrading to version 5 OA slows down my browser to a crawl for many web sties-- but not all. My i Google home page, You Tube, etc. It does it to both IE9 and Google Chrome's latest version. I can stop the behavior very easily-- shut down OA completely. Within seconds my browser works perfectly-- don't even have to reboot to stop the behavior after shutting down OA. In what may or may not be related, Outlook 2007 will not download pictures etc., in an email preview for certain websites-- not all-- just certain ones. I can't seem to connect the dots as to what is causing this behavior but it is very annoying. I wish I had stuck with the last version of OA 4 until all this was resolved. Maybe next update Emsisoft can choose a bigger beta tester group. I have had issue after issue with OA 5. Cat Princess, after having some initial problems after 'upgrading' to version 5 from version 4 I did a complete uninstall, rebooted twice and reinstalled. That took care of one minor annoyance but this and others remain-- like the fact OA never shows the list of my computers on the Firewall- Rules- Computer tab. I never had these problems with version 4. I trashed all my settings, rules, everything and ran the initial setup scan again and redid all my rules but the problems remain. Very frustrating. I dislike beta testing and troubleshooting software I am paying for. Augmaniatus, my 'problem' went away for a brief period of time when I did the reinstall from scratch but came back within a very short time. I hope you are luckier than I was.
  15. blue.lake

    Online Armor 5 GUI Unresponsive

    Andrey, My OA updated itself a little earlier today to and the freeze issue is still there. I had deleted my video but it was easy to create so I'll do another one in the morning (it's after 1 AM here) and send it on its way to you.