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  1. Cool. Tutti famiglia italiani, tutti buona gente. B) Cheers from Brazil, skelter79
  2. Hi Nick, Yes, but that is a shot of a particular tweet, and I'd like to know how does the main page look like, understand? Cos here both the address AND the design are different. But, don't worry, I think it's solved: I asked people who know twitter better than us and they told me it's a changing the developers are doing there. I think it is a changing of design they are doing and what happened was a mega coincidence - when I had malwares infecting here, I had visited some twitters and they were looking the way they are now cos the developers were only testing the new design, and when I took my computer clean and formated from the assistance, they were not testing the new design anymore, and as I visited the pages again and they were back in the old style again, in my crazy mind I thought the new design were something caused by the infections here before, understand? Hah, insane! No reason to worry then, it's all OK. Thank you all very much for helping me! Now I'd like to know if the occult object Avira is detecting is a malware or not, I'll create a topic later in the malware session in order to clarify this if possible. Thank you! All the best, skelter79 PS: Are you really from Sicily? I'm of Italian descent and, if I'm not wrong, my family (Pelegrini) came from there.
  3. Ah, then those popups are due to the different dll's, you're right, that's it. And thank you for the tip, I'm gonna add those programs to exclusions list then. Thank you. About the twitter, it's not normal, catprincess. These days ago I used to keep on visiting some friends' pages and they were shown in the normal way. If you see the screenshot, you'll notice that not only the address is changed into that way, but, also, when it's changed the page appears as if I were logged in on twitter, and I'm not, and that's not the way the normal page appears. Visit that Obama's twitter, for example, check it out, and you'll see, it will be shown in a different way there. The way it's appearing here is not the way the page normally appears. And that occurs even if I'm not logged in, understand? I don't have a twitter account, I only visit the twitters I like, and till the last visit they were not appearing that way. I just don't know what is the cause of that, but it's not normal. Well, thanx a lot for all your help and attention anyway, cat! B)
  4. Hi catprincess I'm gonna create a new topic in that session then. Thank you. Because Avira is detecting that occult object and, after that, if I go to visit a twitter account, for example, the address is changed and the page is shown in a different, strange way. If I visit, for example (it happens with any address), when I click to go, it changes the adress into!/BARACKOBAMA (with that weird '#!', and now the IE recognizes links in that form only, and not them in the normal way) and then the page appears as in the screenshot I'm attaching here. See the address and the way the page appears, please. Don't know if it's a coincidence, if it's due to malware or if it's something related to configuration here, but it didn't appear before, and I didn't change any configuration here. What do you think about it? Regarding the OA 'popups', I have no screenshots, but they're the normal notifications which the program generates when asking to allow or not a program to run, but I noticed they occur over and over and over again even after I tick them to permanently allow and trust the program, no matter the program. OA seems to never allow and trust a program definitely, it keeps on asking again everytime I open a program, understand? Not all programs, but most of them, mainly the programs related to security. And I've already configured it to allow and trust everything on this computer. Now I removed it and will install it again, maybe it works. Thank you once again!
  5. PS: Do you analyse logs of HijackThis here? Avira detected an occult object which wasn't appearing till the last scan, I'd like to know if it could be a threat. Ah! And the Online Armor, maybe I'm wrong, I don't know, but I think there's a kind of bug - it keeps on popping-up those orange pop-ups asking to allow and trust programs again no matter if you've already adjusted it to allow and trust them.
  6. Hello my kinda people! I removed and created the connection again, and it worked fine, the gateway doesn't appear now, and the connection is normal again (I hope so!). B) Thank you all very much for helping me, mates! All the best, skelter79
  7. Hi catprincess, Yes, I know, I was just kidding. Sorry for anything. About that problem, is there any possibility of a parallel connection running without my knowledge which could be the reason why OA have made that Gateway visible again now? Because, let's suppose it's a parallel/invasive connection running, OA would detect it and expose it, right? Or do you think it's not something like that? Not something for me to worry about then? I use Avira AntiVir Personal Free and in the last scan, yesterday, it detected an occult object which was not there before, then, you know, I'm not an expert with software, internet etc, then I begin to think if one problem is not related to the other... Regarding the procedure you've indicated, I had a problem with that removal of Windows components before, and that was the reason why I had to send my PC to the assistance, cos when I tried to remove something, it removed all things related to those components - games, wordpad, recorder, volume control etc -, then I'm a little afraid about using that tool again. Are you sure I can safely remove that gateway by following those steps? And, I have to UNTICK the component I want to remove then? I think I know what was the cause of my trouble that time then! But, that component is not even important then? What exactly is that thing then? Thank you!
  8. Yes, only ADSL (or DSL? Yes, something like that), my modem is connected directly to the phone line and to my PC card, and it's my only PC and I don't share connection, I don't want to share anything, and I don't have a router either. I have two suspicions: firstly, a guy from the phone company which is responsible for the broadband came to check why my download speed was slow (I had called them) and I saw that he did some procedures here, he clicked on Start > Run and altered some configs., then he entered a Kurumin site and the site of the modem, and configured it, don't know if the guy was only honestly doing his job... But even after what he did that Internet Gateway wasn't appearing yet. Then there's my second suspicion: I have sent the PC to the assistance in order to format it again, and since it came from there it has that Internet Gateway among the things in Network Connections. And when the PC came, their login was saved here, and they have a shared net, when connecting with their login the Internet Gateway was activated, but then I changed it into my own login, of course, and it seemingly used to connect normally, without that Internet Gateway appearing there, but now, after installing OA free, that Internet Gateway is appearing there again. I'm attaching a print of that screen for you to see, maybe it can help, I hope so. And I'll set up my internet connection again and run Network Settings Wizard later as you recommend, as soon as possible. Take a look at the print and see if it helps. Wait for a reply, if possible. Thanx a lot once again! PS: catprincess, if you knew the broadband company I'm sure you wouldn't consider that word an offensive term against them (LOL). Sorry anyway , I didn't even have a glue that I had used such a term.
  9. Interesting that the icon 'Internet connection' in 'Network Connections' > 'Internet Gateway' appears only after I connect to the internet... Before I connect it doesn't appear, not even the 'Internet Gateway' division appears, only after connected that it and its icon appear. And the icon in 'My network locals' seems to have defnitely disappeared. And I discovered that if I try to Disable the Internet Connection icon in 'Internet Gateway', I can't navigate, my connection is cut off. And if I activate it, then navigation is possible again.
  10. When I right-click on it and choose Disable it works only until I connect again or reboot the system, then it's already back there again. Strangely, now in "My network locals' the icon of Server config. is not there anymore, as if it were deleted. And after I disconnect, OA shows a traffic still running, seemingly related to Java, 'jqs.exe/TCP', something like this, and something else. Also, even before I had the OA free installed, once, when I came back here, the pc was receiving an Windows update even with my main and only connection not connected! I don't have a glue about what might be happening with this my pc... It's the only pc I have, only my home user connection, nothing else, only the modem directly connected, no router, no sharing, nothing, but it seems to have something rolling in parallel, strange...
  11. Hello! Well, strangely, it's seemingly already configured in the right way, I think so. The name of my net service is Speedy and it's the only connection appearing there where you pointed out, and it's already settled as default there. The 'Internet Gateway' appears as activated the same way as Local connection of my netboard and the 'dialer' of the broadband in 'Network Connections'. I feel like going to kill the people of that assistance next monday. Any other idea about what could I to do? Thank you!
  12. Hi there, Firstly, sorry for my shitty English. Please, I would like to get some help to config. my OA free, if possible. When I did install it, firstly it showed an OS' error (some numbers and letters and 'memory can't be written' - or 'read'? -, something like that), is that something to worry about? I insisted and it was installed, then it did cut my internet connection and kept on asking for my login ID in a dialog box in white/light gray colour. But later the connection was liberated even without filling that box. Should I fill that with my ID or is it another thing? And another doubt I have is regarding my 'Network Connections'. What is that 'Internet Gateway' which appeared now after installing OA? I don't use a router, I have just a broadband that is directly from the phone line and it's connected on the modem and the modem is connected directly to the netboard. I'm a common user at home, no router and no shared connection, only my own personal connection (i hope so!), and why the hell is that 'internet gateway' appearing now again? When I took the pc from the technical assistance, it came with their internet login, which is from a particular net of them, but then i changed that into my own login, of course, then the 'gateway' disappeared and only my broadband icon and my local internet icon used to appear in 'network connections'. But now, after OA, that 'gateway' is appearing again and sounding like two connections at the same time, one parallel with mine. What is that 'gateway'? How could i resolve this problem, if is there something to resolve? Thank you! Sincerely, skelter79