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  1. Sorry Fabian. In addition to my not knowing my way around Windows 7, my girlfriend's Wifi keeps dropping making it hard to post. It's not a system freeze. I can open other programs. Only EAM reports it's not responding in task manager. I've searched her laptop for both ELF and .elf (sorry didn't know if it was the name of a file or a file type) either way, there are none. Now for the good news... I'm now two for two. In other words, since posting initially, I've started AND completed 2 seperate complete deep scans. I'm tempted to call the problem resolved, but not sure if I should go that far. I could also guess at what I did to 'resolve' the issue, but I'm not sure how much value that would have. keepin my fingers crossed... Cheers XonE32
  2. Heya Emsisoft, Merry holidays, Happy New Year and thanks for the xmas gift! 3 licences for 1! How did you guys know? Yup, I've been using EAM and OA for a while now on my XP desktop, but I bought my girlfriend a laptop for xmas and my licences were running out so... now we both have both proggies running. It's a Christmas miracle! ...sort of... Unfortunately I know squat about laptops and even less about Windows 7 home premium x64 blah blah whatever it's called. But I do know that my EAM runs pretty much perfectly on my XP system. I have no issues when running a deep scan or any other type of scan. I've just finished setting her system up to the best of my abilities and when I go to manually run a deep scan for the first time, EAM locks up, feezes, etc. In other words the task manager reports Emsisoft Anti-Malware as not responding. I've tried a deep scan twice and it seems to lock up at the same spot. I read Thankful's thread on the same topic so I know you guys require more system info. I'll attempt to get it all and add it to this thread shortly. cheers XonE32
  3. I'm going to call this one fixed! H_D, I checked the Windows Event Viewer and there were no entries or errors regarding EAM. Just an FYI. Ctrlaltdelete, I un-checked 'beta' updates and that looks like what was causing it. As soon as I did that and proceeded with a manual update; EAM started downloading an 8552kb download of several core EAM aspects (ie version now reads instead of The system has been running now for hours without it trying to auto-update every 5 to 7 minutes OR perform an "unscheduled" scheduled scan over and over. Thanks again guys for all your help, really appreciate it. Cheers XonE
  4. Thanks H_D and Ctrl for the swift replies. haven't had a chance to implement the suggestions, but will report here when done and hope that it's resolved. 0344 at the moment so will give it a go tomorrow when my brain is more awake. Cheers Xone32
  5. Hi Emsisoft, Not a Malware removal question ...I hope. Instead, I've just (today around 1600 PST) noticed some very strange behavior from my Full EAM My Full Online Armor is working fine. I have EAM updates scheduled for 0300 PST & a full EAM scan scheduled for 0315 PST. It has always been thus for well over a year with no problems whatsoever except for the occasional false positive. I wake up and see the EAM program open with nothing found and go on my merry way. Today my better half got home went on the pc saw the program with nothing found, closed it and went onto FB. Within a few (maybe 10) minutes EAM began an "unscheduled" scheduled scan (i.e. it just started scanning in the middle of the afternoon. She thought it weird, but let it finish. Within 5 minutes of it finishing the scan, it started yet another again. In the 15 minutes I've spent writing this it has tried to start a scan 3 times?? Everything seems fine in the configuration page; as well it should as I haven't changed them in ages. Neither Soft nor Hard boots seem to make any difference. It's all very weird. I would prefer to avoid having to reinstall, but at the moment I'm at a loss to explain why this is happening and even farther from trying to figure out how to stop the behavior or revert it to the normal once-a-day 0315 Scheduled Scan. Any thoughts would be most welcome as I'll need to shut it off for now. Thanks in advance Cheers XonE EDIT: Just looked at the logs and noticed EAM is also doing an auto-update every 5 to 7 minutes. Almost looks like EAM is set to interval scanning yet that's not set on the config page... confused.
  6. Yes sir! That be the one. Thank you very much, won't lose it again! Cheers XonE32
  7. Hi all, Thanks for the responses. I do have betas installed and shall uncheck it for now until I see the next .exe module updates and see what happens. The program functions perfectly well after a reboot (until the next .exe module update)at which point I get the same message and have to reboot. As I said, it's only an irritant and as such I'd prefer not to reinstall the whole of EAM because of it unless absolutely necessary. Will let u know this thread if anything else happens Thanks again Cheers XonE32 P.S. Lynx do u know the url for the changelog page. you gave it to me before and it was very helpful for comparisons. But I seem to have lost it from my bookmarks? Someone's been on my PC lolz. Thanks again m8.
  8. Oh great i hit post as opposed to preview, d'oh! Well I hate to clutter the forum with yet another thread on this. It's mainly an irritant, but it's an irritant that's been occurring at all Module (read EAM .exe) updates since June. It seems that a reboot is required to fix the problem and that's the only irritating issue. I'm just curious as to why this hasn't been addressed or seemingly hasn't been addressed. I can only assume there's an issue with my system environment or the program as to why this message always pops up when there's an EAM .EXE update. Should I even bother to try and figure this out here or should I be calling customer support? Has anyone ever figured out the possible reason WHY the application can't "connect to the service application"? Cheers all XonE32
  9. Hi Lynx, Yes I saw yer note in the other thread, my bad. Forgot the anti-malware forum is more stringent as I haven't posted here in a while. Anyway, thank you for the response. I'm a little confused and may have a setting wrong somewhere regarding the "custom scan" issue. I have my scheduled scan to take place late at night and don't see anywhere in EAM to set it (the scheduled scan) as a "deep scan". In other words ALL of my late night scheduled scans are labeled "custom scan". Is this normal and if not can it be changed to "deep scan"? At the time of noticing the detection I was being asked by EAM to restart (due to updates). I restarted the pc as per EAM instructions and then more updates came in at start up. After all updates were downloaded I ran a deep scan and no detection was found in MBR.exe. I don't know what GMER is unfortunately, but I have heard of it. In any case I have submitted MBR.exe as per option #3 below. With luck this will be resolved. Thanks for your response and I look forward to hearing from EMSI re: the "custom scan" labeling for my scheduled scans and thanks in advance. Cheers XonE32
  10. Hi, I rec'd an EAM detection notice in C:\WINDOWS\MBR.exe of Backdoor.Win32.IRCNite.pl!A2 a couple of days ago. At the time EAM was requesting a restart due to updates. I restarted the sytem and EAM downloaded more updates at startup. I then ran a deep scan and the infection was no longer detected. I'm asking for assistance in determining if this was a false positive or not as MBR.exe is involved. Thank you for any help in this matter. The 1st EAM log is the initial detection of Backdoor.Win32.IRCNite.pl!A2 The 2nd EAM log is the most current with all updates. Thanks in advance for any help XonE32
  11. Oh I see. I had mine set to the middle-(default?) position of "Additionally scan all files when they are created or modified" but for the last coupl of weeks I've had it set to "scan only programs before they are executed". Cheers! XonE32
  12. First off Lynx, FEEL BETTER! Secondly: I took a closer look at Online Armor. I don't know how or why or when; but OA (Online Armor) made a rule under programs for A2service.exe to BLOCK UDP output on port 53. It was never there before (i.e. manual updates worked fine yesterday) and as I said above, I have an exclusion for all of EAM. BUT once I unblocked that rule..., I tried an EAM manual update and it worked perfectly. RESULT: 'Connection Error' problem solved (for now lol) I read the other posts Lynx, but I am unsure as to what question you want answered regarding EAM's file guard. Cheers! XonE32
  13. Thanks guys for replying and sorry to clutter this thread with the "Connection error" problem. I only mentioned it as it "seems" to be related to the scheduled update I mentioned earlier from last night. I still don't know what/where the problem lies, BUT.. I did just turn off Online Armor (it reverts to WindowsXP firewall) and did a manual update while OA was OFF and the EAM manual update completed successfully. I don't know what the problem is as I have an exclusion in OA for the entire EAM folder. Nevertheless, I will try to figure it out so you can keep this thread to the error msgs that are being reported after certain module updates. Cheers! XonE32
  14. Ah crap. This is more serious. Manual or auto update no longer works, keep getting connection error. I just did a cold boot and had the same result "connection error". These .exe updates are killing my EAM lol.
  15. Hey Lynx, how goes it. guess there were some .exe module updates last night (18hrs ago) (I have my EAM set to update at 03h00 and scan at 03h30). Checked the pc this morning and the "incorrect file versions" msg was on desktop. I hit "yes" and it started to Deepscan (which was weird). I stopped the scan and rebooted. When it got back to desktop EAM had the "major problem occurred..." msg, although I think the text has been altered slightly. Rebooted again and everything seems ok. More of an annoyance really, but it is still happening for .exe updates so just an FYI. Here's the update that caused it. According to file properties: a2guard is currently a2service is currently a2start.exe is currently Can you confirm those are all correct?, I assume they are. Thanks in advance. Cheers! XonE32 Oh oh, Just tried a manual update 2 minutes ago and got the connection error msg. First time that's happened.
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