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  1. I'm sorry too. At least I can use it on my Vista. I'm finding that so many Apple users don't care about security. I know they are less prone to security risks than Windows users but no one is immune and it's going to bite them when they least expect it. I like to be prepared. Thank you for responding Christian.
  2. Is OA compatible with a Mac PC or Apple products (e.g. iPad)? Also is it needed for a Mac? I've always had Windows for my PC's, but just got a Mac and have used OA for years, but I don't know if it is compatible. Thank you in advance.
  3. I understand what you are saying. Regardless, I could NEVER get rid of my little butterfly wings off my icon in my toolbar no matter what mode I was in. To resolve my problem on my own, I uninstalled, cleaned up all remnants, reinstalled an older version of OA, then upgraded and now the issue is resolved.
  4. When I right click it from Learning Mode, it remains in Learning Mode on the bottom toolbar despite the trouble shooting I have done and the clean uninstalls/installs. However when I go to OA GUI > Options > General > Mode after doing the right click from the bottom toolbar, it changes it...but it does not change the icon in the bottom toolbar so you "think" you are still in Learning Mode.
  5. If I simply right click the OA toolbar, the pop-up menu comes up. It is from here that you can select what you want, or you can do it the longer way as described above in my original post under the OA GUI > Options > General > Mode (select the mode you want). To make a long story short, the Learning Mode toolbar icon never changes no mater what mode you are in, even after doing a clean uninstall/install (and looking for remnants), and rebooting twice. I didn't have this problem until this last updated version. Other than this minor bug, all is working well.
  6. Since a clean install twice to OA Premium, normally you can right click and put OA into Learning Mode then change it back to Advanced or what ever mode you want (I use Advanced). However, since since the new version came out and a clean install was done, when I put OA into Learning Mode and it changed appropriately in the bottom toolbar, I went to change it back to Advanced via doing a right click on the bottom toolbar and it stayed in Learning Mode. I tried rebooting and doing a cold boot of the machine with no change. Upon opening the OA GUI > Options > General > Mode > it says the correct mode I am in (Advanced)...but it is incorrect in the bottom toolbar and indicates ALL the time that OA is in Learning Mode. This is a bug. I have uninstalled and reinstalled OA twice already with no resolution to the problem. Otherwise, OA is working correctly.
  7. Why not download it directly from Emsi http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/oa/? I trust them. Edit: If you are having a problem with FF, try a different browser, and perhaps you need to investigate why you are having a problem with FF.
  8. When OA is disabled or uninstalled, Windows firewall (FW) turns on for added protection, so perhaps you got this warning from this FW. You do need to have Internet access when doing a clean install of OA when it goes through the Safety Check Wizard, then the program will ask you to reboot...say yes. Automatic upgrades also require Internet access. Since you were using an older version of OA, if you have made many changes to your machine since the time of first installing OA, perhaps an uninstall/clean install would clean up your machine a bit.
  9. I have found the best way to exclude both OA and Avast is the following: To exclude OA in Avast (as sded described): · Settings > Exclusions > Add > search for Online Armor and click on the box to the left of it and add it, then click OK. · Real Time Shields > Expert Settings > Trusted Processes > Add > search for Online Armor and click on the box to the left of it and add it, then click OK. · Behavior Shield > Expert Settings > Trusted Processes > Add > search for Online Armor and click on the box to the left of it and add it, then click OK. Also change action to take in Behavior Shield to “Ask.” To exclude Avast in OA: · Open the OA GUI > Options > Exclusions > Add > click on the pop-up window and find C:\Program Files\Avast Software\. · When you reboot OA (to go into Learning Mode), make sure ALL Avast shields are left on. · Reboot your machine again; OA requires two boots. After this second reboot, you may get a pop-up asking you if you trust Avast. Answer the pop-up as "Trust Always" and "Remember My Decision" and you should not get any more pop-ups. · Open the OA GUI > Programs > untick "Hide Trusted" so that you can see everything > look to make sure everything from Avast is not "blocked" (red) or "ask" (yellow). If it is, right-click the item and change it to "Trust." Reboot. What versions of both programs are you using? The current version of Avast is 6.0.1125 and the current of OA is If you are not up to date, I suggest you upgrade (or if you are running a very old version, do an uninstall/clean install) as this may be a problem as well.
  10. Just an FYI - Have you considered a different defrag (like Puran) or something else? How many things do you have as resident? AV and FW; how about MBAM and SAS....on-demand or resident? Too many residents can cause issues. I still think you need to submit a log to Emsi IMO.
  11. In reviewing your Android phone app. with EStrong file explorer (a File/Application Manager which can explore the phone, PC in LAN & Remote & Bluetooth) My link, which does not appear to be an AV or FW for your phone, I do not see how this would conflict with your machine if OA is seeing it and it is trusted. This is something the OA devs. perhaps need to look at.
  12. When you tried the other firewalls (FW), did you use the vendor's uninstaller tools to uninstall or some other third-party uninstaller or another way? Some of the FW's you mentioned leave remnants behind if not properly uninstalled. You might also want to run a cleaner if you haven't already. When you did a system restore, you may have restored back to a state of having registries and or drivers from an uninstalled FW, leaving further remnants. I would run the vendor's uninstaller for all the FW's you had on your machine, reboot, followed by a cleaner (like ccleaner), go into Safe Mode to check for remnants (esp. for ZA), reboot into normal mode and do a clean install of OA. In the future, you may want to do a system restore, or better yet an image of your system, prior to testing each product.
  13. No one talked to me about it. I am a former OA beta tester and when I returned from a medical leave I was no longer needed as the quota for testers was filled. Consider this topic closed for me; other OP's still have open posts. Thank you.
  14. There have been issues with Threatfire recently and I would caution you to research it prior to installing it. Avast's Behavior Shield and Threatfire do not play well together because both are looking at behavioral changes in your machine and may cause conflicts, however Avast is a strong program and the Behavior Shield will be introducing the virus definitions into newer updates making it even stronger. It will still be compatible with OA, however you just need to add the exclusions as mentioned earlier. If you do uninstall your current security programs, regarding OA and Avast, we have found that installing Avast first then OA (on the current versions - see my Sig.) in that order works best with OA as Trust All in the Safety Check Wizard.
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