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  1. Christian, Many thanks for your quick response and new key for EIS via the PMs. Much appreciated :-)
  2. Hi all, I still have OA running as my firewall. Following the 'End of Support' announcement and the option to swap over to EIS, can you assist in converting my OA License to EIS please. At the same time, I also have another question inasmuch that I have 2x EAM licenses as well. One on the same PC as the OA and one on a laptop. Seeing that EIS effectively contains EAM within it, can I move the EAM on the PC to another laptop running Win 8.1 and could you confirm the procedure to do this please. I did drop an email to the support email address as per the 'End of Support' announcement not
  3. Hi Fabian, Thanks for the link. I have sent you a PM with the Debug logs attached. The issue was still there despite the updates received during today. Cheers.
  4. Another day on. Nothing heard from support, Reboot done and EAM will still not connect to update is the SSL option is ticked. GT500, Fabian, Christian - anybody there? Any idea why this may be and why it has just stopped working with SSL ticked????
  5. Any further advice, guys before I do a reboot??
  6. Arthur, Further to my last, I re-ticked the SSL option Setting / Privacy (and still with the Proxy set as you described) and tried a manual update. It failed straight away before. I then also deselected the proxy setting but still with SSL and it also failed. Went back and deselected the SSL option and the update works fine. Is there something else I can do / check to see what is causing the SSL option to fail prior to doing the reboot that EAM is asking for??
  7. Arthur, Many thanks for the above. Fiddler downloaded and your above process followed. Having taken off the SSL setting, EAM has now updated and the 'Ribbon' has turned green again and says "...protected". Do you still want me to PM the Fiddler output.. from what I could see in its capture screen, it only saw its own connection to www.telerik.com/UpdateCheck.aspx Nothing else appeared in the capture until I started this reply to you. What is my next move? Do I re-tick the SSL connection option and try an update again?? Many thanks, Chris
  8. EAM is reporting that it is unable to connect and update but only when I try and manual update, otherwise, it has stayed silent for the last 2 days (now just ticked over into 3 days) apart from showing pale green in the Win 7 Taskbar and trying to update. As of yesterday afternoon, the EAM taskbar icon went to orange and in the Overview window is saying that the software is out of date (of course) and the last update was 3 days ago. I've seen various reasons in this forum as to what the possible reasons were in the past but these don't seem to apply in this case as far as I can see at th
  9. Thought it might come to that Princess. Many thanks for your help though
  10. Thanks for that Princess, I have tried a number of times to check for updates, including just before this reply to you and it still says on the Options page under License Expiry: Expired
  11. Over the past few weeks I have been getting a countdown from my online armor premium saying my license is about to expire. I went through the renewal process and paid for an update electronically and received email receipts and confirmation plus an email giving me my license key. It is the same license key as before except it has the word 'renewed' at the end of it. I have version installed which was installed from a "check for updates". I tried to update the license a few days before it ran out and it wouldn't take it, now OA is saying that my license has expired and again I h
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