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  1. I will uninstall it and install Comodo again. Thanks...
  2. I will uninstall it and install Comodo again. Thanks...
  3. @Nick, logging is desabled. Experts, please confirm if it is a bug or something else. just say "there is no way to solve this problem." Don't steal my time, please. Just tell the truth.
  4. oasrv.exe and ntkernel&sytem things use high cpu when utorrent downloads somethings. oasrv can increase about %35, generally %10-%15. and same ntkernel&sytem. and my laptop's fan starts to get loud. Admit it, there are really serious issues with OA. And this support forum looks like dead, no help and no explanation. Fortunately i didn't pay for licence. Sorry if i hurt you. Regards.
  5. I think it is important to mention it. Do you have problems something like this http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/4288-google-chrome-new-tab-lagging
  6. What is wrong with Chrome? I installed EAM again, and installed Opera. It's ok. There is no problem. But with Chrome... Anyone here can use OA + Chrome or OA + EAM + Chrome without problem?
  7. No, i use Standard User Account and RunSafer is not working in SUA. Besides if i use EAM + OA, it takes 5-6 sec. to open a new tab. I mean new tab opens immediately but the thumbnails that visited pages appear after 5-6 sec.
  8. New tabs open immediately If i pin a new empty tab.
  9. Chrome new tab lagging about 2 seconds, it is really annoying. Page loading time is ok, when i open a new link with middle mouse click on loaded tab is ok. And no problem with IE9 and Firefox. But i use Chrome. I disabled all exstensions, nothing changed. Win7 32bit, OA Premium Thanks.
  10. So there is no update for Win 7 32bit? I use Win 7 32bit.
  11. OA Premium is still It says "Yuor OA is up to date" when i try to update it. Why?
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