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  1. Thank you very much for your answer. This is weird because I can't be taken to the checkout for some reason. I am from Croatia.
  2. Hi. I try to buy a license on website for Eis but when I go to store, choose Eis and want to click next on green box to order, nothing is happening. I tried on different browsers, even on my mobile phone but it is the same. Can someone tell me where is the problem?
  3. I understand you but point of security solution is that when unknown program starts and if it have bad reputation that is automatically quarantined, you can't give permission to unknown program to get in the memory and do who knows what, simply you can't. When program do something harmful and BB will react only in this situation, then it is too late.. If the point of BB is that it doesn't react until unknown program want to do some damage and even don't do automatic lookup with cloud or Antimalware network but when I manually go to BB event log and see that program have bad reputatation but EIS didn't react at all then BB is useless. BB and EIS must protect me if file is bad before it enters in memory and do automatic analysis and if it is bad, block it immedieatly. Stories about privacy policy and more hardware and CPU consumption are at least unserious. These two things can't be excuse to automatically block files with bad reputation, to do automatic analysis and in the end to not give access to memory and my potentially important things on my computer. You don't want to confess that Hips is better solution then BB because it is working on different way (HIPS wouldn't allow unknown program with bad reputation to even run) and it is more secure. You need to simplify Hips questions and integrate it into Eis, not removing strongest part in your program and replace it with BB. I don't argue with you and don't want to tell that Eis is and Emsisoft as company are not great but you need to solve this 2 things. Have you in plan to add sandbox or something like that in EIS? Thank you very much, please answer me on my post about buying a license for Eis, I don't know where is the problem.
  4. I found this topic and it is very interesting. Simply you want to say that EIS allowed program with bad reputation to run even if it doesn't doing any harmful things but it is in memory and using 40 % of Cpu?! Nobody can tell with 100 % that this program is not doing any damage to computer and point is that Eis MUST quarantine such things as few people said ASAP. You can't say, this program is not contacting to their servers and Eis/BB because doesn't do anything and leave the program in memory. This is ridicolous and I can't believe that one of the best company in security world gives such funny answers, don' t want to say something worse. Any good security program need to protect their user with blocking and quarantine ANY harmful behaviour, explanation that you can't submit every program to analysis because of privacy policy is really funny. As I mentioned in other topic, BB is not protecting computer as HIPS and in this particular case this is obvious, you can't allow program with bad reputation to stay on computer and in memory, simply you CAN'T. I hope that you would change how BB is working on Eis and resolve this. Thank you.
  5. Thank you for your answer. I write here because I don't want to open new topic. I decide to buy license for EIS and when I go to store and choose EIS and want to click next on green box, it doesn't react. I tried in Mozilla, Chrome but it is the same thing. I use Adguard, tried to deactivate it but doesn't help. Where is the problem?
  6. Good evening. I used Emsisoft security suite for a long time but when you remove Hips I started to use Cis because it has Hips and it is free with I would say at least same quality as Emsisoft, only weak is their antivirus.. Your product is awesome but I think that strongest part in your product was Hips and for unknown reason it was removed. Many of you would say, many people don't know how to use it and answering to Hips questions but your duty was to improve product and put clear question that anyone knows how to answer when Hips question occured instead removing most important thing in your product?!. Emsisoft has fantastic antivirus definitions (better then Cis), firewall is great but bihevioral blocker isn't good replacement because it doesn't give you same level of security. Have you in plan to put Hips back and when? If you do this I would really pleased to buy your product again, it will be strongest security suite on the market because all layers of protection are brilliant. If not, maybe adding sandbox in Eis when unknown program would be sandboxed and analyzed in virtual enviroment? Thank you..
  7. I don't understand why did you remove Hips and you will be using BB only in Emsisoft Internet security 9? Hips is much stronger protection then BB because BB is behaving and protect user on different way. I was using Emsisoft antimalware with Online Armor because of Hips and now you removed Hips, I think that this is bad decision. BB is not protecting user as strong as Hips. This has been proved in many tests.
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