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  1. Well I fixed the log on/Off Cycle problem by copying "userinit.exe" from a WinXP CD in recovery but there is no Explorer shell. The desktop loads but no access to the drives or taskbar or programs.. I then tried to overwrite "explorer.exe" from the CD and there was abds error reported on reboot saying it couldn't be written to memory.. so I am trying to fi.x that now. UPDATED* I was successful getting Explorer to give me access to the disc. I will begin following the steps above and return with the log files.
  2. Thanks for the reply and assistance. I am or was running Windows XP SP3 on a 40 GB Maxtor HDD in a Dell Optiplex 270 with 2GB DDRAM I can't take any of the steps you've outlined because as I tried to convey Windows will not remain Logged ON. It is going through a Load/Unload settings cycle.. I get to the desktop where personal settings begin loading then Windows begins Logging Off and at that point the Log On/Log Off cycle becomes very rapid.. I have an XP Pro SP2 CD I can use to get into the repair console but lack sufficient knowledeg of the commands to do much more than run checkdisk which I did.. So with no apparant way to access Windows I came here to see if there was experience with this situtaion. I can say that EXPLORER.EXE was in the list of items quarantined. I thought a new instance would be generated on reboot.. perhaps that is the problem and there is a way to enable EXPLORER.EXE from the Repair console command? Most of the items Quarantined were in $ervice Pack Uninstall folder and were Titled Trogan32,Virus32 etc. I just assumed the program knew what it was saying...
  3. My machine was hit by a browser redirector.. I downloaded and ran A squared free. Apx 275 "high risk" items were detected. I quarantined them and upon rebooting windows opened to the desktop ( NO Explorer Toolbar) then suddenly a Box saying XP Pro is saving settings?logging off . Then logged on again and so on rather swiftly cycling like that. I am on another machine now looking for answeres. Thanks for what anyone can say.