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  1. Thanks, should I go ahead and post another log file with BD removed? I have not seen this issue posted anywhere so its pretty much a issue isolated on my pc so may be unsolvable if not able to reproduce....?
  2. Well re-installed bitdefender and issue comes back, looks like BD and OA don't play nice together with IE 32 bit. Since flash is now working on the 64 bit version of IE I'll just use it...so guess it'll be OK
  3. Fabian Wosar, its me (country2) for some reason could log in but would not let me post or try and contact a mod so I created another account. I had BitDefender manually turned off as far as "live" protection as wouldn't let me turn off the service and did not want to uninstall it all the way until I found my key...I have just uninstalled it from windows and rebooted and all is good. Looks like a issue between it and OA. Going to re-install BitDefender and see what happens now. Thanks for the help and sorry for not mentioning that auto protect was just turned off on antivirus instead of comple
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