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  1. I did all of this and it still does not load without disabling the firewall all together. I even added the entire directory of Steam from the program files, the actual game directory itself, and the games for windows live directory. Nothing works until I disable the firewall entirely. And I cannot do that obviously.
  2. I was on the phone with Microsoft Games Windows LIVE that you often use often within games, and have to log in for this particular game from THQ that makes Warhammer 40000 AD for example. We narrowed it down to the firewall feature within Online Armor that was the exact issue. Whenever it was enabled, I could not log into Windows LIVE within the game. So I need to get this resolved. Please help. Thank you. Attached is three screen shots showing different stages of the sign on process I am referring to with the end message showing it could not access the service. We know it's within Online Armor causing this issue exactly, and we narrowed it down to the firewall doing it, not the anti-keylogger as we originally thought. When I turn the feature off, I am able to then successfully log in to the games for windows live service inside of the game. I appreciate all your help to remedy this situation. The fact remains that when the feature is enabled with a green check mark, meaning the firewall is active, I am NOT able to log into Games for Windows LIVE within the specific game no matter what game it is. When I uncheck it where it shows a red "x", meaning the firewall is NOT active, then I am able to successfully log in to Games for Windows LIVE within any specific game that uses the service. Edit: Removed the screenshots because a gaming licensekey is displayed.
  3. I have G-Data Anti-Virus which is supposed to be really good. But I see in your comparison tests side-by-side on your website that it got a 65 percent i believe and your program got an almost perfect 100. why is it that programs like super antispyware, and malwarebytes are considered anti-malware and not anti-virus? Windows will not see those as anti-virus and still say you need an anti-virus. i know malwarebytes is excellent and i have a full lifetime membership on that and superantispyware. But it is recommended to have a good firewall like yours which I have, an antivirus and more than one anti-malware in case one does not catch what the other would. I need a good expert from this company or similar personnel or user to respond with their insight and help in this matter. Because even though I buy programs, if there are those that best the ones I do have, then I would gladly remove those and upgrade to better ones even if I have to pay money again. My main concern is PC security and protection from ALL viruses, malware, spyware, etc etc. Thank you.
  4. I have attached the error message I get that happens at random times upon boot-up. It does not happen all the time but quite frequently and it closes the program and I have to go and restart it. It really concerns me because this is not normal and should not be happening. I have ran hardware and software tests extensively, and this ONLY happens with Online Armor. Look at the screen shot and then get back to me on a solution please. I greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Ernie Mink P.S. The message reads: "Oaui.exe Application error - The instruction at 0x77ba2239 referenced memory at 0x00000014. The memory could not be written. Click an OK to terminate the program." And of course this message will not go away unless you click "OK", thus terminating Online Armor and forcing me to have to restart. I want a solution to this problem as soon as possible. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this program and it still does not solve the issue. Thank you.
  5. I recently installed the trial version of online armor premium which supports Windows 7, 32-bit but during the wizard after it gets to "Exploring Start Menu", it just hangs and doesn't go anywhere. I have tried uninstalling, running ccleaner registry cleaner and cleaner wizard and then reinstalling, but it always does the same thing at the same place. I tried it on different computers and got the same issue. WHY? HOW DO I FIX THIS? Attached is a screen shot of what happens and where it is at
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