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  1. Hi.. Yes I followed those instructions.When i point to the licence it pops up with licence info ,that shows its for AIS.When i then update it reverts back to AIS.Anyway after much testing and leaving out AIS modules im still finding sites hanging ,and have to refresh a lot to show the pages.I guess OA doesnt get on with something on my pc,probably avast,admuncher as these both filter http traffic.Ive decided to stay with AIS for now as everything is fast and works well with admuncher and mbam, and i have the AIS licence for 3 pcs.Im not sure whetehr im comfortable building my security around OA rather than avast so ill leave it for now.Thanks for the help though ellison
  2. Hi sded... I did download that installer and it installs pro for a 30 day trial.When i then insert my AIS licence file ,and clickupdate engine and virus defintitions ,it downloads and reverts to the AIS version again.Anyway I reinstalled from scratch AIS without the firewall and antispam module and still had sites perpetually hanging.I then reinstalled again and also left out the AIS network shield and everything now seems to be running ok with (up until now) no sites having to be refreshed or hanging.Im not sure whether OAs web shield and avasts network shield ,conflict in some way but i guess there may be some overlap?.I also am not sure which would give more protection out of the two?.Also are there individual settings that can be sitched on or off in OAs web shield (free version)? tia ellison
  3. Damn... Ive rebooted again ,and its now AIS.I dont know how you managed to use the AIS licence on the pro ,but it doesnt seem to work for me.Ill just uninstall again and reinstall the AIS without the firewall component and hope that that works, ellison
  4. I didnt think using the ais licence would work as it started to download the firewall and spamn components and proceeded to upgrade to ais.I clicked cancel and rebooted and it seemed to have worked now ,and the pro is activated with the ais licence. Ill reinstall oa tomorrow ellison
  5. Ok thanks.Ill try that in the morning and let you know the results. Thanks ellison
  6. Do you know whether the AIS licence will work for the pro version? tia ellison
  7. I installed OA free yesterday ( uninstalling the firewall module of my avast internet security suite.Since installing OA im experiencing slower web page opening,some pages not opening at all ,unless i stop (x) the opening attempt and refresh the page.Ive put avast folder ,and mabam pro in OA exclusion folders but still the same.I wounder whther its a conflict with OA web shield but cant find anywhere to turn it off in OA free to test it.All i see in status screen is that web shield is on.Any help or advice to lessen any conflicts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance ellison