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  1. Hello again, Your question pointing out my total ignorance was right on the money. I foolishly assumed that if I turned the program off and removed it from the startup, after I rebooted it was as good as gone. After I uninstalled private firewall OAF worked perfectly. Thank you for your knowledge and taking time to work with me to get this thing working. Bob Is there someplace to mark this issue as resolved?
  2. Hello again, In the program section immediately after I installed everything was listed at trusted. I am partially colorblind so I couldn't tell if it is green or black type everything was trusted and I had to uncheck the hide box in order to see anything. When I installed one of the options was all trusted programs are allowed to access the Internet, that box was checked. I can see red fairly well and of course I guess it would say blocked but nothing had been. My computer plugs into the wall so I guess I'm wired. Internet Explorer could not connect. I turned off OAF at the next reboot and started private firewall which is working fine. My computer is plain-vanilla, no overclocking or any of the fancy stuff. Windows XP service pack three all patches up to date and Microsoft office programs. Firefox is 3.6 and Secunia says I have all of the necessary patches for Adobe, Java etc.. What now?
  3. Hi, XP SP3, OA Free from the website, and Trust everything. I looked behind one tab and unchecked "hide trusted" and Firefox was in the newly revealed list. I don't remember looking for Outlook but I assume it was there. thank 6you bob
  4. Hello, the installation of OAF went smoothly. But when I try to access my Microsoft outlook 2003 e-mail account it would not connect. I then tried my Firefox and it did not connect. There are a lot of options Windows but I could not find any that would cause OAF to stop blocking my connection. I had to uninstall the software in order to connect and send this message. Any and all suggestions will be much appreciated. Thank you Bob
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