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  1. c:\program files\emsisoft internet security\evcdiff.dll that DLL is Identified as a PUA.
  2. I just re-installed it. The problem is that once this happens I can't fire off EIS from the icon on the desktop, it's all dead...nothing works. No GUI no menu no nothing. Webroot and Eset Antivirus is what I am running in addition to EIS.
  3. Ok Ok was on the beta channel, updated to the latest EIS, took SD off so I can update my system and boom I get this error again. How can I get the logs out? LOGS sent to GT500 via PM
  4. Strange I have 636 installed. maybe because I was on EIS beta channel? Let me try reinstalling it again and now just staying on stable channel.
  5. I set up EIS up to date and perfect. I exclude the EIS folder from SD. Yet whenever I freeze SD i.e. Enter SHADOW mode and then exit SHADOW mode the EIS keeps telling me that EIS component is missing and the software needs to be re-installed. That kind of defeats the purpose of SD. No other security software does that. What gives? http://i.imgur.com/3CGEeek.png I have re-installed EIS numerous times because of this and eventually it will probably flag my Serial shareware of whatever you call it. I will be happy to assist in any matter since I want both of the security apps to run flawlessly. By the way I am using Webroot Secureanywher, ESET NOD32 AV, and HitmanPro Alert without a hitch with SD. That goes along with on demand Zemmana antimalware and Malwarebytes.
  6. Same issue with HItmanPro Alert and lost of UI. HPA 3.1.1 Build 351 Win10 64X
  7. yeap, made a thread about it yesterday. https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/19623-eis-wont-start-after-the-update/
  8. So I come back after few weeks turn on the PC, EIS says it has updated itself and needs to restart the PC. Ok so I do just that. PC comes back, I log into windows...don't see EIS icon next to my clock. So I right click on EIS and tell it to execute with admin rights....hour glass...EIS won't show up. However, it's running in the task bar. So I uninstall EIS. do a clean wipe with the EIS clean up utility...download a new version....install. It works fine....then after few minutes it tells me that EIS has updated itself and needs to reboot. SO I do that...back to square 1, now no EIS. BTW I am in the Beta distro list and the version I got from the site was Jan 5th version...so is the beta of EIS borked?
  9. Thanks! I can't update to Beta 11 it breaks my Sandboxie. I use sandboxie and HitmanALertPro and when I had 11 I could not run anything sandboxed (I made a thread here few weeks ago). I waited for some useful solution and was was told to go back to 10, now here in this thread I am told to go to 11. Sigh...really? But thanks the post by Aura fixed it! Sorry, I don't mean to sound salty, but the reason why I posted the inital thread about 11 was to basically report a bug...and there I was just told to revert to 10...so ok, no more beta testing from my end.
  10. If I disable the EIS 10 firewall I can get the EIS updates but otherwise nope. I have looked at the firewall logs and can't seem to find the culprit. I can re-install but sigh...pain.
  11. Oh I fully understand and going back to 10 I just want to make you all aware of the issue.
  12. It took me a freaking while to realize that EIS updated to 11 all of the sudden my Chrome would not work in Sanboxie all the extensions would die and chrome would just to shit. So ok 64 bit Windows 10 Sandboxie 5.06 Latest Chrome goes to shit
  13. My old Online Armor + had an ability to see a list of all the programs that are connecting online , where are they connecting to, how much data is being downloaded, what protocol is being used etc. Well I can't seem to find that ability in EIS. Please add it or tell me how to find it.
  14. Since OA+ is now defunct and Mamutu is in EIS I am looking to upgrade. I have agnitum outpost lifetime but I loved the OA+ way of dealing with things and the mamutu behavior analysis. Is there any special discount to former members? OA has expired 3 months ago.
  15. I have bought the EAM 10 with Hitman, I am coming from OA+ and OA line of products which just expired. Seeing that OA has been ages since the update I have decided to jump ship, even though I loved the OA granularity and seeing what processes are connected and how much data is being piped through. Anyhow I would like to upgrade to the EAM with OA so basically the Internet Security Option...is that possible?
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