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  1. Here are the logs except no extras.txt was produced, is this normal? EEK found one virus, but I did not do anything with it. Computer was working great, faster Internet browsing and refreshing than I remember without the ebay pop up window, but I guess it is still infected. Hopefully it can be cleaned and then I need something to keep it clean. Continued thanks for your help.
  2. Reboot was required and Backdoor.Win32.Sinowal.knf was cured, log attached. I'll let you know if I get the ebay pop up window back again. Thanks for your continued help, much appreciated.
  3. Combofix appeared to run properly and produced the attached log. Immediately following the Combofix scan and log creation I was able to access ebay and search without the pop up appearing. Hopefully it is fixed. Please let me know what you suggest after reviewing the log file. Thanks for your continued help.
  4. I rebooted again last night and the ebay pop up went away for a couple of hours, but when I tried this morning to access ebay and search I got the pop up. I ran EEK and OTL again but OTL did not give me an extras.txt. I've attached both. One interesting thing is that there are some McAfee items in the OTL log, but I think I removed McAfee a few days ago. Hope this does not mess up anything by doing this, but I was curious.
  5. Thanks Shadow, I did what you suggested and it appeared to execute properly, attached is the log. The computer rebooted and produced the log. I then launched firefox and tried a couple of web sites, but when I went to ebay and tried to search I got the pop up window requesting the personal information so I assume whatever ails my computer still ails my computer. Any more suggestions that do not require a very large hammer? Thanks for your help.
  6. Over the past week or so a pop up window appears in ebay after I type text into the search bar at ebay.com and then press enter. After pressing enter the frame in the center of the screen shifts to the right 1/8" and then a pop up appears in the center of the screen asking for credit card info, expiration date, signature panel code and ATM pin. The text states all fields are required and also states to provide "as much additional security as you can." This happens both when using Firefox and also when using MS Internet Explorer 8.0. The only way to clear the pop up is to hit the back butto
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