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  1. I'm informed by my EMSISOFT software that an important system file has been infected. The three scan files are attached, as directed by the instructions on your Support site. I look forward to hearing from you. scan_151004-181917.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. OK - thanks, but do you know what caused the problem?
  3. Yes - that worked! Can I now take it that the email problem has been fixed? Regards
  4. I'm glad to hear that the logs lok fine, but I'm still unsure how / what caused the problem in the first place. Is it likely to happen again? I'm in the process of running the Windoes Update (still waiting for it to finish). I wasn't able to delete the folder C:\Qoobox. When I tried to delete it, I was informed that I needed Administrator permission. Since I was logged in with the Administrator password, I assume it may need you to delete it? I'm very grateful for the help and support over the past few days. Note that after today, I won't be around to access my PC until Sunday 8th May.
  5. Once again, instructions were very clear and comprehensive. I assume the Microsoft Recovery Console must be installed as the process went ahead without prompting me to instal it. The only thing not covered in your note was that a dialog box popped up to tell me that PEV.cffxe had stopped working. When I clicked on the Close Program button, Combofix continued by first setting up a system restore point, then carrying out a scan. The resulting log file is attached.
  6. First of all, many thanks for the prompt reply. I found the instructions very clear and easy to follow and have carried out the steps specified (log file attached). So far, I haven't spotted any noticable differences in the way the PC is running - early days, perhaps? From your analysis, should this now clear up my email problem, or do I need to take any further action? After all, it seems that the addresses in my Contact List have been hi-jacked, so is it possible for whatever caused the problem to just carry on using them? Many thanks for your help.
  7. I reported a suspected virus/trojan/phishing attack to the support team yesterday and following the response from the Emsisoft support team, I have completed the steps as directed and am attaching the result files as requested. Talking to a friend yesterday, he told me that he thought I may have to change my email address in order to stop this recurring. This doesn't sound convincing to me. Any thoughts?
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