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  1. I've been a long time user of Emsisoft and i was wondering if i will keep my renewal discounts when i migrate my license over to EAM. If so, how do i request a license migration? My current license ends in September 5, 2017 and i need to migrate it over to EAM before renewing but id like to keep my discounts. Oh, and i also need to migrate it fast because i just formatted this pc where im typing from and i cant install EAM since my license is not compatible with it. Im without my trusted EIS!!
  2. I just renewed my licenses last year (And will keep doing it), i hope they keep developing it.
  3. Good to know that you are keeping Emsisoft but dont dump OA. We might lose OA altogether.
  4. I'm up for renewal soon and i'd like to convert my current Emsisoft Internet Security pack license from 4-PC to 3-PC since the discounts for the 4-PC license is not favorable to me. (Even though i'd like to keep the 4-PC one hahaha) If you can do it, do you recommend me doing it before it expires or after it does? Thanks Noobie
  5. Rest in peace, Rob R. May god give his family strength and peace. I remember he helped me out a couple times back in 2011 and 2013. Thanks Rob R.
  6. Thanks for the help, anyways it seems like its working fine right now. Didnt do anything, after i tried to run the setup again without uninstalling it, i restarted the PC and it was working fine again.
  7. Is there a way to manually remove OA completely? Im asking this because my OA install is messed up and wont start every boot up, no matter what i do. I tried uninstalling it but it doesnt works, tried to run a fresh exe i just downloaded and it wont allow me to do so. Any ideas?
  8. UPDATE: Seems like the issue was OA. After tinkering with OA i just noticed that for some odd reason OA was blocking Port 80 on EAM. This is really weird since i have not changed any settings on OA and i never noticed this because EAM was set as "Allowed" but had Port 80 blocked.
  9. Im sorry for the late response. The last time i was able to update EAM was today at 4:01 A.M. GMT -5 Then i turned off the PC and went to sleep, turned on the PC again today at around 2:00 P.M. and have not been able to update since then. I am running paid EAM + OA Premium right now. I have been using this setup for a couple months already with no problems until now. I also have not changed anything in OA settings, i did lock the GUI down a few weeks ago with a password but it didn't cause any problem. I have tried disabling OA but EAM still fails to update.
  10. Just a few minutes ago i was uploading a file to VirusTotal and i noticed that it was not using the latest EAM signatures . . . What could be the cause?
  11. Thanks for the reply guys. After reading Fabian's reply, i still haven't used the key in any of my PC's. So i will use it first and try again and if it doesn't works then i'll send you the PM GT500. Thanks Noobie
  12. This is the second time this happens to me, last year i bought a 1 year OA license and couln't register it under my Emisoft account. After it expired i got a multiple PC 2 Year OA license and i still cannot register it to my Emsisoft account, although i was able to do it in my Online Armor account. Is there any way i can register it under my Emsisoft account also? Thanks
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