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  1. I've been a long time user of Emsisoft and i was wondering if i will keep my renewal discounts when i migrate my license over to EAM.

    If so, how do i request a license migration?

    My current license ends in September 5, 2017 and i need to migrate it over to EAM before renewing but id like to keep my discounts.

    Oh, and i also need to migrate it fast because i just formatted this pc where im typing from and i cant install EAM since my license is not compatible with it. Im without my trusted EIS!!

  2. Im sorry for the late response.

    The last time i was able to update EAM was today at 4:01 A.M. GMT -5

    Then i turned off the PC and went to sleep, turned on the PC again today at around 2:00 P.M. and have not been able to update since then.


    I am running paid EAM + OA Premium right now. I have been using this setup for a couple months already with no problems until now.

    I also have not changed anything in OA settings, i did lock the GUI down a few weeks ago with a password but it didn't cause any problem.


    I have tried disabling OA but EAM still fails to update.

  3. We are capable of merging and extending licenses. Just make sure that if you currently have a 3-PC license that you purchase a new 3-PC license during the promo, otherwise we may only extend you current 3-PC license by a third of a year. ;)


    Then it would be this way . . .

    - I purchase 1 EAM + OA Bundle from the Easter Promo, i receive 3 licenses for each software.

    - Then i merge the 3 EAM and OA licenses into a 3 PC license for EAM and OA (I know they are both individual license for each software, 3 PC EAM and 3 PC OA)

    - Then i can merge again and extend my current 3 PC EAM license.

    * The OA license will not need to be merged into my current one because my current license is a single PC one.

    Is this correct?

    If yes, i'll just pull the trigger and grab some :D

  4. Currently i own a 1 Year 3 PC EAM license that expires at the end of July but since this promo is out i really want to take advantage of it, is it possible that if i purchase a license you could extend or merge it with my current one? :D

    I mean make it again a 1 Year 3 PC license and on top of that add the remaining days of my current license. :P

    I just can't miss that promo!