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  1. Is there a way in which we can password lock OA so theres no pop up and not configurable?
  2. In this case, if i purchase a bundle of 3 licenses for discounts, and i activate only 2 . . . my third license would hold until i use it for the first time right? (I know it expires within certain amount of time) I'm asking this just to make sure because there could be the 1 license 3 PC's case i'm not sure if i buy 3 in bundle or volume it would give me 3 separate licenses or 1 for 3 computers.
  3. If i purchase 3 EAM license but i'm only planning to use 2 immediately and keep 1 for a new PC, does the clock starts ticking as soon as i purchase or it starts after i use it for the first time.
  4. Actually this worked but i still don't like to have in my mind that there is a bug Will probably head to the testing forums
  5. Hello there!! It's been a long time without OA! Just a few days ago, after i got my PC fixed i decided to give OA a try again. During this, i tried to install "Testing" versions first but for some reason the first safety check gets stuck when scanning start menu items. Specifically the Microsoft Office\Microsoft Access At first i though this problem was only related to the testing versions. Then i decided to download the stable version on the main website. After downloading it i had high hopes this time it would work but for some reason, after many reboots it's still stuck like in the testing versions. Windows 7 Ultimate x86 (No updates, No Service Pack) Intel Pentium Dual Core No other security software is currently installed in the system except for EAM v6 (Testing version). I have excluded OA from EAM list. Actually i decided to try OA because i was planning to get the bundle (EAM + OA) which is dirt cheap from where i live Still planning to purchase one but first i will wait until this get fixes
  6. Actually i posted about this a few months back, Mamutu on my Win7 machine was REAL slow, it took like 3-5 mins even after a fresh Win7 install. It was Win x64
  7. I kinda excluded the software between themselves and it still loads slow. I excluded the .exe from EMET v2 in Mamutu and i unchecked all options from a2service.exe and Mamutu from EMET v2 (They weren't added before, but i had to add them to be able to uncheck everything). So, this time it looks like it loaded in around 3-4 minutes but i do feel it was faster than before! Still very slow but it's better For now, i'll have to log off man, have some business to do xD I'll be back in a few hours, thankies.
  8. A few days ago i decided to install Mamutu since i got a license for it. Then i started to notice that Mamutu sometimes takes up to 5 mins to start or sometimes it never starts until i open it from "Start Menu". (It seems random) This seems kinda weird because it means that i'm actually unprotected during that period of time and when it doesn't starts i'm unprotected the whole time. Currently i don't HAVE ANY security software installed only Mamutu and have never installed any previous security related programs. Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Service Pack v721 with all latest security updates I've applied some security tweaks, DEP - SEHOP - EMET. PS: When i started typing this thread Mamutu suddenly loaded after 4 minutes. Thanks Noob
  9. When i tried downloading EAM setup, i ended up 5 times with a 13mb .exe for some reason, after thinking a few secs i decided to give another server a try and i got it right the first time (I used Chrome 3 times and IE 2 times, all giving me a 13mb file) While the first try with another server resulted in the 104mb exe
  10. In my experience, EAM and Comodo aren't compatible if you use Google Chrome. The last time i installed both on my system i had conflicts between the 2 in which Google Chrome would not work. I could open the Chrome Explorer, but it would never load completely and couldn't do anything. Disabling EAM or Comodo or BOTH would not solve anything. The only way was to completely uninstall one. So i will just stick to EAM
  11. Thanks to both man!! I love changelogs
  12. If i remember correctly, somewhere in the Emsisoft website there was a section showing the canges of every update, but i can't find it, anyone can give me a hand
  13. Sad to know you didn't have a good experience In almost 2 years of use i had only 2 FP's and they were all fixed in less than 2 days after submitting
  14. I disabled EAM when it didn't work and waited a module update, finally when the module update ame i re-enabled it without any problems No need to uninstall ;D
  15. If there's a fix can you guys post it here >_<
  16. Same here, both PC's (A friends laptop and mine) is crashing on startup, both using Windows 7 x86
  17. Yes it does, without any problems, I used this combo for like 3 months and it always worked flawlessly
  18. Here it is: After i download, it reports that it found a malware and quarantined it. Notice the file that it "Quarantines is the browser cache, or the TMP file that is created before the file is downloaded. File was successfully downloaded I check EAM quarantined files and there's nothing! I open the download locations and find out the file still downloaded, EAM deleted the TMP file or Cache but it still was able to create the final file. Then i extract it or run it and this time it quarantines it correctly.
  19. I'll show you tomorrow guys 1 A.M. and have 3 hours left to sleep for school ZzZz
  20. Yes, if you run the file that was downloaded (Blocked previously) it gets quarantined automatically and successfully
  21. Yeah, if you check the file that was "quarantined" i noticed it's usually the TMP files the browser or download manager created before finally creating the real file. So it seems it detects the TMP files but it fails to prevent it from turning into the real files (BTW, i have it on created modified)
  22. The other day i was testing Malware Defender along EAM and someone sugested to test it with the EICAR file to make sure it has no conflicts with EAM since the previous MD v2.6 had some problems. So while i was downloading the EICAR test file . . . BINGO! it had no conflicts with current MD v2.7.2. A pop up shows up notifying the file has been quarantined, but when i open the program and go to quarantined items there are NO ITEMS QUARANTINED, after this i check the Download location and i noticed that the file actually was downloaded in the PC! I was like HMMMM, i'll skip this but it happened every time, and in that same day another guy was testing with other "malware" and he noticed that even though EAM said it was quarantined when to checked there was nothing and the file was actually downloaded. So in conclusion, just wanted you guys to take note on this and bring a quick fix
  23. Thank guys, i got it done I'll be using this to disinfect a friend computer today hehehe