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  1. I just wanted to avoid downloading the 80MB file again, but oh well, no problem man. After reading this it sounds a lot easier to just download it and run it in the USB
  2. Aside from downloading all A2 again is there any other method? xD I'm planning to do a tool chest and A2 will be one of my choices
  3. Okay disabled the community based alert reduction
  4. Actually, it's not annoying anymore Now i just wait until it requests an answer from server (Which takes 1 second) and then i just select allow this behavior and click OK The only thing needed is a second of patience My configuration BTW, This is not a bug (I just found it annoying but not anymore "Read above post")
  5. I'm using: A-Squared Windows 7 X86 A-Squared is the only active / real time AV on Sorry for late response school is killing me. This can be fixed by setting the rules manually or pushing the "Allow this behavior" and "OK" button fast
  6. Sometimes when it needs to create a new rule, it block it automatically before you can react. Example: I start a installer Suddenly BB shows a pop up and in less than a second it disappears, after this i check the guard and it's set to block This screwed my VMWare install today damn.
  7. Got an FP, when opening CCleaner today it detected it as a malware
  8. Seems like the problems were fixed in a recent update of the a2service.exe module. a2service.exe (930209 bytes) - updated
  9. It's also blocking Avira, i can't open the console unless de-activated
  10. Nice to know i wasn't alone, i almost though the problem was my PC (Software conflicts) Thanks for fast response guys.
  11. Seems that there was an update for beta users to Version Im pretty sure before this i could get on Windows Live Messenger without any problems. After the update icouldn't connect to my Windows Live Messenger, i set it to monitor and ask/allow certain activities and it didn't work. Then decided to try excluding from protection and i still can't connect. After disabling A2, i could connect as always. I tried this a few times to make sure it wasn't my connection problem Edit: Tried a few times more and still same problem, when A2 is On i can't connect to messenger (even excluded from protection) when it's off i can.
  12. Yeap, actually it was Norton 360 V3. (Sorry for my mistake) Windows 7 32-Bit File Guard: On (Scanning on Execution) Malware-IDS: On (All Rules)
  13. Well, i tried to install NIS and it seems that it blocked it from installing. NIS threw an error about something like "Unable to start Service". (And i did excluded the setup from protection) After many times i decided to disable A2 and it finally installed.
  14. Could it be because it's x64? On my Windows 7 32-bit, it blocks all those torrent sites and more. I tested with Block Silently, Alert, and Block and Notify. In which all modes works.
  15. Sorry it's my fault then Or it could be that A-Squared don't consider them malicious hosts. Here it's working fine, when i enable alert of malicious hosts, it shows a warning on all of them. Specially P2P sites BTW, did you guys changed the gui? or is it broken? According to what we tested in the closed beta, the menu bar is supposed to slide in. Now it fades in instead of sliding in like the original idea.
  16. Probably paranoid mode is deactivated or "Block Silently" has been activated? BTW, thanks Developers, i don't know if i never saw that option or what but i can confirm there is "Shutdown PC" now (Was that option there before? I find it kinda odd that i never saw that until today) Now i can leave it scanning overnight, nice feature guys!! B)
  17. tried to reproduce the right click bug, but nothing happened
  18. Been using this for a few days and no problems. Though, every time i install a program i need to disable A2 to be able to install it. (Specially Antiviruses) Even if i exclude from protection the file being used it still blocks it.
  19. I think the Antimalware network still needs some time to gather enough information.
  20. I think A-Squared didn't show any message since that test is just simply hooking the keyboard to the program, if A2 flagged all that, every single program would need a rule Edited
  21. I apologize for my unmindful response.
  22. I don't really understand him too Lol From what i read, i think he is requesting a license for free? He is tired of having to reset/register again every 30 days.
  23. Probably they got enough beta testers Though, i registered on Dec 29 and i received a response next day Maybe i was one of the last ones
  24. Pentium 4 have always been known for temperature problems. I guess the CPU Fan could be clogged with dust. And probably need to apply new thermal paste. I wouldn't recommend doing the above if you don't know how to open your notebook. You can take it to a Computer shop for them to do it
  25. True, lots of people uses AV-C like a standard, or to see if it's good. Specially now that they've been including lots of new tests. PS: I never knew AV-C was worth several thousand euros Damn, it must be a lot for small companies O_o