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  1. Setting an exclusion if I would be able to pinpoint it more specifically than just the directory would be equivalent in security as a specific exclusion if the name was not changing. So I think OA should provide a way to specify an exclusion not only on a directory granularity, but also something like directory + filename starting part, or something like a regex against the full path instead of the directory only (although this later can affect performance). Thanks and best regards, Robert
  2. Hi All, another slightly annoying behaviour from Online Armor is that whenever I run maven (development tool remotely similar in purpose to make) with a goal which would run a test, OnlineArmor asks me if I want to allow cmd.exe to run a module C:\Users\robvarga\AppData\Local\Temp\surefire<randomnumber>.jar where <randomnumber> is a random number (or timestamp). Since the number is always different therefore earlier trusting a differently named temporary jar file does not make a difference. Unfortunately I can't configure an exclusion for this, as I don't want to allow running ev
  3. Too late for that. Also, had I done that, what would happen with the stuff which Office installs into Autoruns? Would those start to trigger questions upon the following startup?
  4. Thanks, so that is where the culprit was... Ports had some deny settings... programs had it on Allowed and Trusted. After changing the Port entries to Allow, Skype works fine now. Don't understand why that loop with the dialog happened, though. Any idea about my other question: what to do with all the rubbish looking entries in Autorun/Programs which were added when I installed Office 2010? Thanks and best regards, Robert
  5. Hi All, Online Armor is starting to mess with my nerves once again (twice again, actually). Since the latest update of Skype (it updated itself), Online Armor prevents it from signing in. What has happened is that Skype updated itself, and then Online Armor just continuously (read it showed a new dialog immediately after pressing Allow) asked me whether I want to allow Skype to connect to the internet because it did not recognize it, After a seemingly endless series of this dialog (I have pressed Allow for at least 30 times) I pressed Block to end this farce. Since then Skype is not able to
  6. It was an upgrade, to be honest, I am not even sure if it was from 4.5... it may have been an earlier version... I will try a reinstall. Should I disable NOD32 while installing? Thanks and best regards, Robert
  7. Hi All, I also seem to have the same problem (and have had it for ages, probably). I have XP SP3, NOD 32 4.2 (recently upgraded from 4.0), OA Premium latest. Problem manifests with all of IE8, FF(3&4), Chrome. All of them are marked as Trusted in OA. Hardware is a Thinkpad T60 notebook with Core 2 Duo (2 core, 2.16 Ghz), home network is Ethernet to the router, Cable in one environment, ADSL2+ in another afterwards, so there are no speed issues with the uplink connection itself. What I managed to find out is: 0. When the error happens (practically whenever there is internet traffic)
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